The New Taipei City Government held the premiere of the Women's Film Festival yesterday. Mayor Hou Youyi (middle in the front row) attended a post-screening symposium to advocate for gender equality.

(Photo by reporter Lai Xiaotong)

[Reporter Lai Xiaotong/New Taipei Report] New Taipei Mayor Hou Youyi has been promoting gender equality since taking office. The Municipal Social Affairs Bureau held the "2022 New Taipei City Women's Film Festival Premiere" yesterday and played the documentary "Fire in the Hall", describing the gradual development of women in traditional Hakka culture. Flip the unequal status in the family.

Hou Youyi, who attended the post-screening forum, shared that he is usually busy with work and rarely has the opportunity to eat at home, but he has a promise to his wife that as long as he eats at home, he will be responsible for the aftermath work such as washing dishes, and lead by example to implement gender equality.

Hou: When you eat at home, you must be responsible for washing the dishes

Hou Youyi recalled that when he was young, when he returned to his grandmother’s house, his grandmother was always busy in the kitchen and was always the last one to eat. The traditional concept was inherited from the mother’s generation. "Caiwei", in today's changing times, it is the happiest thing for the whole family to eat at the table together.

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New Taipei to become a gender-friendly city

Hou Youyi said that in the past, he was busy working as a police officer and rarely had the opportunity to eat at home, but he had a promise to his wife. Although he couldn’t help with cooking, as long as he ate at home, he would definitely be responsible for cleaning the table, washing dishes, etc. Sharing household chores and integrating the concept of sexual equality into daily life can promote family harmony.

Zheng Huiling, director of the documentary "Fire in the Hall", said that the Hakka culture, which people thought was very old-fashioned in the past, gradually changed. Hakka men took the initiative to accept unmarried and divorced daughters in the family and buried them in the family pagoda or family grave. The important role of family worship began to be Women are the starting point for gender equality.

Hou Youyi pointed out that 51% of the nearly 4 million people in New Taipei City are women. The city government promotes gender equality policies, such as setting up gender-friendly toilets, promoting the concept of menstrual equality, and offering courses for female plumbers. Let's work together to make New Taipei City a gender-friendly city.

In response to the controversy over the alleged falsification of the police statement by the election office of Hou Youyi, Hou Youyi said that the election office has made it very clear and can be publicly commented, and everyone is welcome to check it out.