Chen Fu and Zhuang Nan secretly complied and were awarded compensation by the Kaohsiung High Court.

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[Reporter Bao Jianxin / Kaohsiung Report] The married female insurance worker surnamed Chen knew the gentle-looking man named Zhuang for just over a month, and the other party was sentenced to prison. Yuan's husband filed a lawsuit for compensation, and the district court ordered Zhuang Nan and Chen Nv to pay 500,000 yuan in joint and several compensation, but the Kaohsiung High Branch Office believed that the two did not have a sexual relationship, and decided to reduce it to 250,000 yuan.

The husband surnamed Lin, who has been married for more than 4 years, pointed out that since July 2020, his wife Chen Nu and Zhuang Nan have had ambiguous correspondence, and the two met in Taichung and Taipei at the end of the year, and even stayed in a motel, and then simply left. He ran away from home and eloped with Zhuang Nan.

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In March 2021, he found out that she was pregnant through the help of his friends. After the abortion operation, Chen Nv promised to cut off the relationship with Zhuang Nan, but it didn't take long for him to break up again, and suddenly ran away in May. The two people are required to pay 800,000 yuan in joint compensation.

Zhuang Nan pointed out that in early June 2020, she met Ms. Chen due to loan needs, and was imprisoned for the case the next month. Although the two exchanged letters, she never mentioned that she was married, and began to pursue and travel after she was released from prison in November. It was not until the Lunar New Year last year when I contacted Ms. Chen on the phone. Because her husband answered, she knew that she had a family room, and she denied that she was staying in a hotel.

According to the investigation by the collegiate court of the second instance, according to the correspondence between Zhuang Nan and Chen Nv during his sentence, there were also "Can you still be happy without me?" , report the itinerary every day", "Don't forget, you are dealing with customers, don't be kidnapped! The most important thing is to remember me every day, and remember to report everything", etc., and it is believed that there is indeed a transcendence. The relationship between men and women, but there is no evidence of "fried rice", it is reasonable to change the sentence and only need to pay 250,000 yuan.