Legislator Lin Changzuo (second from right) held a live broadcast of the "Cao Xingcheng x New Generation of Youth Participating in Politics" on the 26th. "Black Bear Academy" co-founder Shen Boyang (from left), Taipei City Councilman Lin Liangjun, former UMC Chairman Cao Xingcheng, Lin Changzuo, Kuroshio Wu Zheng, chairman of the Urban Development Association, attended the meeting, and former legislator Chen Baiwei participated via video.

(Photo by reporter Tu Jianrong)

[Reporter Huang Jingao/Taipei Report] Legislator Lin Changzuo held a live symposium on "Cao Xingcheng x New Generation of Political Youth" on the 26th, inviting Cao Xingcheng, former chairman of UMC, Chen Baiwei, former legislator, and Lin Liangjun, co-founder of Black Bear Academy and Taipei City Councilor. , attended with Wu Zheng, chairman of the Kuroshio Development Association.

Chen Baiwei pointed out at the meeting through a video link that facing the enemy at present, the most important thing is to let the people have a correct understanding of the war, and the second is to "vote well" and not to evade politics.

Chen Baiwei said that in addition to giving the public a correct understanding of the war and understanding war modes such as gray warfare and cognitive warfare, the public should also "vote well". Taking the Ukraine-Russia war as an example, the Russian police entered Ukraine to hold a referendum on joining Russia. , Russia's next step will be to protect the motherland, Russia will enter the territory that was originally Ukraine. If our local counties and cities suddenly hold a "referendum on entry into China", the other side will have reason to intervene in the military and national defense of the place, and have conflicts with other regions. war.

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Chen Baiwei also emphasized that as long as "don't vote to turn yourself into another country's person, you won't let the other party have any form of excuse." Fear comes from ignorance and the unknown. will be less.

Regarding the issue of national defense, Chen Baiwei believes that what everyone can do is called national defense.

Shen Boyang pointed out that when a war occurs, the most important thing for everyone is to understand "Who am I? Where am I? What can I do?".

Lin Changzuo said that he is a member of the Foreign Affairs and National Defense Committee. When participating in many international conferences, in addition to discussing regional security, countries are most concerned about national defense issues. The world includes the United States, as well as Finland, Estonia, Lithuania and other countries adjacent to Russia. There are organizations related to civil defense, and defense work is not just the work of the Ministry of National Defense or the military, but also from all walks of life.