The 75-year-old Su surnamed man in Dongshan District went out on the 24th to pick bamboo shoots and did not return. The Nanshi Fire Department mobilized for a three-day search and found it successfully this afternoon. Su Weng did not eat and was weak, but his consciousness was clear.

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[Reporter Wang Hanping/Tainan report] A 75-year-old man surnamed Su in Dongshan District went out to collect bamboo shoots on the 24th but did not return. The Nanshi Fire Department mobilized for a 3-day search and found it successfully this afternoon. Treatment and observation in Liuying Chimei Hospital.

The Dongshan Fire Brigade received a report on the evening of the 24th, alleging that the people surnamed Su went alone to the bamboo shoot garden near Fu'an Palace in Sanrongli, Dongshan District, to pick up bamboo shoots, and the locomotive was still parked on the industrial road next to the bamboo shoot garden, asking for assistance.

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The Dongshan Division of the First Brigade of the Fire Department, led by the team leader Su Muchun, led the members Wei Junhui, Wu Zhiwei, Lin Jiaxuan, and cooperated with Dongshan Yixiao, 3 people from Dongshan Station, and more than 10 family members to assist in the search. Due to poor vision at night, they were not found. Keep searching.

On the 25th, the team leader Wang Shengzong led the team members Lin Genghui, Hou Wenwen, Lai Yizhen, Lin Jiaxuan and their families to continue their search. The First Fire Brigade supported the aerial camera, but nothing was found.

On the 26th, Sun Quannan, deputy squadron leader of Baihe Squadron, led squad leader Su Muchun, team members Wei Junhui, Wu Zhiwei, Ye Weizhen, Li Jinyi, and Dongshan Yixiao to continue their search again with their families.

Due to the dense bamboo forest and the overgrown weeds, the area is as large as a dozen or so, and it is not easy to search. The family hired a strange hand to open a channel to search. In a grassy area, there was a crease where people were walking and overwhelmed. In the dense grass, the consciousness is clear, there is no trauma, and it is quite weak and can respond.

Because Su Weng has not eaten for two days, and has high blood pressure and diabetes, he was given supplemental water and powdered sugar immediately, and he was transported by manpower to transport the blanket to the hospital.