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An elephant entered the field between soldiers playing football at Army Camp in Guwahati, Assam.

The elephant also made some kicks in football with the army personnel and surprised everyone.

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In the video, the elephant can also be seen crossing the road before entering the football field.

After the elephant enters the field, the players stop the match and keep a distance from the wild elephant.

Just before entering the football field, the elephant pulls some dirt and sprays it on its back.

One of the players gives the ball to the elephant, then the elephant attempts to return-kick the ball with its hind legs.

The elephant then lifts its trunk and slowly walks out of the field, as if saying goodbye.

Locals said that the elephant must have come from the nearby Amchang Wildlife Sanctuary in search of food.

There are many elephant corridors in Assam.

It is common to see herds of wild elephants wandering on the highways.