He explained his decision to divorce the Ukrainian woman, with whom the British man tried to start a life together after he left his former partner and two children, with her "irrational behavior".

Tony Garnett said this in a comment to MailOnline.

According to him, 22-year-old Sofia Karkadym does not know how to drink alcohol, and also damaged the wall in their rented house with a knife.

Because of this incident, which happened during the celebration of his 30th birthday, the British man even called the police. 

"I can no longer tolerate her insults or anger.

I left Lorna [former partner] and my two children for her, and I did everything I could to help her keep us together," Garnett said.

The Briton admitted that he made a mistake in getting into a relationship with Sofia and noted that she may have post-traumatic stress disorder due to the war.

Photo: dailymail.co.uk

"I hope she finds a safe place to live and is in a happier place.

But she is not for me," he said in a comment.

He also noted that after the breakup, Sofia sent him a series of messages in which she said she loved him and begged for reconciliation.

However, Garnett does not want to return to a joint life with a Ukrainian woman, saying that he has already given her "chance after chance".

We will remind, earlier Tony Garnett said that he wants to move to Ukraine, plans to marry Sofia and help Ukrainians who suffered from the war with Russia. 

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