On September 22, the last printed issue of the newspaper "UzHorak", which was published by independent journalists in Horky for many years, was published.

The editors decided to suspend publication of the publication due to a number of problems that arose before it, reports the website of the publication horki.info.

Nothing is said about the exact reasons for stopping the output.

"The issue of the newspaper "UzHorak", published on September 22, is the last.

At least this year.

We have decided to suspend publication of our publication... Hopefully, not forever.

Other times will come, and we will work for you and with you, as it has been for the last 12 years.

We will write about the people of our region, their lives and the problems that concern them," the editors write.

The editorial office of the socio-political publication is located in Horky, the newspaper was considered regional, but the main contingent of its readers were residents of Horatski, Drybinski and Amstislavski districts of Mogilev region.

The power struggle against non-state media

In 2020–2021, a number of independent newspapers of national and regional volume stopped being published.

Most of the newspapers stopped publication due to political pressure after publication - they were not allowed to continue publishing in Belarus.

Problems with printing presses arose before the editors of the publications:

  • "Belgazeta",

  • "Brest newspaper",

  • "Gazeta Slonimskaya",

  • "Information walk",

  • "Komsomolskaya Pravda in Belarus"

  • "Leader-press".

  • "People's Will",

  • "New Time",

  • "Regional newspaper",

  • "Free News Plus",

  • "Hantsavi time".

Many editorial offices and journalists' homes were searched.

Some newsrooms were searched several times.

Financial problems caused the closure of two more independent newspapers popular in their regions.

At the beginning of last year, "Barysau News" ceased to be published, and at the end of 2020, the last issue of the newspaper "Volnoye Glybokaye" was published.

A number of non-governmental information portals also encountered problems.

Products of websites and social networks of such mass media as:

  • "Belsat"

  • "Belarusian Partisan"

  • "Our Niva"

  • Radio Svaboda

  • Express.by

  • By.tribuna.com

  • Tut.by

  • "Brest newspaper"

In Vorsha, by the decision of the prosecutor's office, the regional portal Orsha.eu was blocked, in Gomla "Svobodnye Novosti Plus", in Vitebsk "Vitebsky Kurier".

Some editors themselves decided to stop publishing paper versions, such as "Inform-walk" in Luninka or "UzHorak" in Gorky.