Lin Zhizhong (right), Director of Social and Labor Affairs of Nantou County Government, presented a gift of 10,000 yuan to the centenarians on behalf of the county government.

(Provided by Nantou County Government)

[Reporter Zhang Xiesheng / Nantou Report] This year's 99th Double Ninth Festival is October 4th. Nantou County Government Social and Labor Department Director Lin Zhizhong has successively visited 113 centenarians in the county for several days, and presented each person with a gift of 1 10,000 yuan of respect for the old gold and pure gold lock pieces, and 36 people who have just turned 100 years old can also receive a certificate of respect for the elderly issued by the president.

The oldest person in the county this year is 109-year-old Ms. Chen Sui who lives in Nantou City. She lives with her son and has three generations in the same house. Under the careful care of her son, she is in good health, has smooth conversations, and is still in good health as before. , admirable.

According to the Social and Labor Department of Nantou County, there are 113 centenarians in Nantou County, 7 of whom live in other counties and cities; 39 are males and 74 are females by gender; females are 1.9 times that of males.

Among the townships and cities in the county, Nantou City has the largest number of people with 36 people, followed by Mingjian Township with 11 people; Puli Town with 10 people; Zhushan Town, Caotun Town and Lugu Township with 9 people; Guoxing Township with 7 people; Yuchi There are 6 people in the township; 5 people in Jiji Town; 4 people in Zhongliao Township and Xinyi Township; 2 people in Shuili Township;

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In addition, Nantou County's Double Ninth Festival Respect for the Elderly this year has also been distributed from late September to October 4. About 100,471 elderly people in the county have benefited, including about 1,647 indigenous people aged 60 to 64 years old. 500 yuan; about 98,699 seniors aged 65 to 99 will receive 1,000 yuan per person.

For those who receive the gift for the elderly by remittance, the bankbook will be marked with the words "Chongyang Gift of the County Government". Those who receive it in cash can receive it at the designated location according to the notice, or the village officials and village chiefs can send the gift money to the prefecture. If you have any questions about the schedule, please contact the Social Affairs Division or Civil Affairs Division of each township (town, city) office.

Nantou County has 113 centenarians this year, and 36 people who have just turned one hundred. In addition to the 10,000 yuan gift for the elderly from the county government and the pure gold locks symbolizing longevity and blessing from the Ministry of Health and Welfare, they can also receive the President's award. Respect for old age.

(Provided by Nantou County Government)