The US lend-lease program for Ukraine, which should start operating as early as October 1, will even help counter Russia's nuclear threats.

This opinion was expressed by military expert Oleg Zhdanov in an interview with

According to him, Ukraine does not yet have such weapons to resist potential Russian nuclear attacks.

"These can be airplanes or anti-missile complexes. This is what can counter Russia's nuclear threats. With the exception of when the Russian Federation uses tactical weapons. After all, they are delivered with the help of cannons. No one can intercept a cannon shot yet. There are no means of interception. It will help Lend-Lease will expand the range of weapons transferred to us, increase our capabilities and the probability of repelling them if they are launched by missiles," Zhdanov explained.

Earlier, Oleg Zhdanov told when the first weapons from lend-lease will end up in Ukraine.

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