"Maintaining stability in the countries of the Western Balkans, together with the promotion of their European perspective and Euro-Atlantic orientation, are a priority for Bulgaria.

Our country supports the efforts of the authorities of Bosnia and Herzegovina to continue the implementation of reforms on the way to the EU and in the context of Euro-Atlantic integration." This is what Defense Minister Dimitar Stoyanov said.

Dimitar Stoyanov was born on October 28, 1968 in Svilengrad.

In 1986, he graduated after the meeting with his colleague Sifet Podzic in Sarajevo today, September 26, the press center of the military department announced.

"In today's complex security situation, it is necessary to continue to develop and deepen the cooperation between the two countries, including between our ministries of defense," said Minister Stoyanov.

He noted that at the meeting with Minister Podžić, they discussed the possibilities of expanding the exchange of experience regarding the reforms of the armed forces of both countries, as well as cooperation in the field of military education and qualification.

"Bulgarian higher military schools and our Military Academy are at a very high level, and I would be happy to see trainees from Bosnia and Herzegovina in our military educational institutions," said Minister Stoyanov.

"Bulgaria is ready to continue its participation in the EU operation Altea and, if necessary, take over its command.

The operation has a key role for stability and security, both in Bosnia and Herzegovina and in the region as a whole.

We would like to continue to contribute to stability and security in the country through our participation in the operation," said Minister Stoyanov.

According to him, the renewal of the current executive mandate of the operation, which expires in November 2022, by the UN Security Council is even more important in the context of the radically changed security situation after the Russian aggression in Ukraine.

Minister Stoyanov stressed that Bulgaria strongly condemns the war in Ukraine.

"The EU operation is very important for security in Bosnia and Herzegovina and must continue.

We are very pleased that the Bulgarian military contingent will take part in it, as before," said Minister Sifet Podzic.

"At the moment, Bulgaria participates with 118 Bulgarian military personnel - 12 in the Operation Headquarters in Sarajevo and 106 in the composition of the Intermediate Regional Reserve.

If necessary, we are ready to increase the composition of the national contingent," Minister Stoyanov said in response to a journalist's question.

"This clearly demonstrates our will to support the sovereignty, territorial integrity, security and stability of Bosnia and Herzegovina," the Minister of Defense was emphatic.

Dimitar Stoyanov went on a working visit to Bosnia and Herzegovina

In the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Minister Stoyanov held meetings with the Vice-Chairman of the Council of Ministers and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Bisera Turkovic, and with Sefik Dzaferovic - Chairman of the Presidency of the country.

They thanked Bulgaria for being the first to recognize the independence of Bosnia and Herzegovina 30 years ago.

As part of its visit to Bosnia and Herzegovina, the delegation, led by the Minister of Defense, will visit the "Butmir" base, where it will meet with the servicemen of the Bulgarian military contingent participating in the EU operation "Altea".

Minister Stoyanov will also talk with the commander of the operation, Major General Anton Veseli, and with the head of the NATO Headquarters in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brigadier General Pamela McGaha.

Dimitar Stoyanov

Department of Defense

Bosnia and Herzegovina