The Kuomintang pointed out that Chen Jizhong, the chairman of the Agricultural Committee, reported plagiarism in the 2012 "Research on Direct Payment of my country's Environmentally Friendly Agricultural Operations". The Kuomintang legislator is now accused of plagiarism. Only 3% of the comparison system is repeated because of plagiarism of publications, overseas inspection reports, etc. "Professional" plagiarism.

(Photo by reporter Luo Peide)

[Reporter Lin Liangsheng/Taipei Report] The Kuomintang Taoyuan mayor candidate Zhang Shanzheng was caught in the plagiarism of the agricultural committee's research report. , Kuomintang legislators are now accusing that only 3% of the comparison system is repeated because of plagiarism of publications, overseas inspection reports, etc., which is "professional-level" plagiarism.

The Kuomintang Group of the Legislative Yuan held a press conference today, accusing Chen Jizhong of plagiarizing his 2012 report "Research on Direct Payment of Environmentally Friendly Agricultural Operations in my country", and even questioned that the data in the report circumvented the dissertation query system and was plagiarized by the "university professor level".

Li Dewei, secretary of the Kuomintang League of the Legislative Yuan, satirized that former Hsinchu mayor Lin Zhijian should not have asked Chen Mingtong, director of national security, to be an instructor, but Chen Jizhong.

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Li Dewei accused Chen Jizhong's research report of plagiarism in many ways, including the content of the "Lishan Initiative" taught by Zhao Rongtai, a researcher at the Forestry Research Institute of the Agricultural Committee in 2011, and the 2008 "Agricultural Politics and Agricultural Conditions" by Yang Yinong, a professor at Zhongyuan University, in the 191st issue of the Agricultural Committee. The journal's introduction to the U.S. farmland conservation policy and implementation results also includes the report of the overseas inspection report by Commissioner Cai Wangting of the Labor Commission in "New Zealand's Employment Service and Welfare System" in 2005.

Li Dewei believes that Chen Jizhong knows how to circumvent the paper query system, adopts non-academic papers, and knows how to create breakpoints. "Do you dare to say that he has not plagiarized?" The relevant units should deal with the specific evidence raised by the Kuomintang.

Zeng Mingzong, general secretary of the Kuomintang League of the Legislative Yuan, said that Chen Jizhong said that the repetition rate of his research report was only 3%, and he also said that it was a specious operation of the Kuomintang, but Chen Jizhong's research report could not stand the test at all. Will it be the chairman?

Zeng also warned that he will continue to bring up cases related to Chen Jizhong's thesis when he was a university professor.

Zeng Mingzong also criticized. Looking back on the past period of time, Chen Jizhong received the national public money, but he did not do his job properly, and became an election thug. He knew that Zhang Shanzheng's report was contracted by Acer, and in essence, he collected domestic and foreign data without plagiarism, and the contract was Acer. It was not Zhang Shanzheng, the chairman of the Agricultural Committee who commissioned the inspection report was Su Jiaquan, but Chen Jizhong labeled it plagiarism and deliberately smeared it.