A netizen posted a discussion about the attractions in Taiwan that are "really not recommended" to foreign tourists.


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[Instant News/Comprehensive Report] As the epidemic eases, the tourism industry is gradually recovering.

Some netizens are curious, the gate of the country is about to open, what attractions are "really not recommended" to foreign tourists?

A netizen posted an article on PTT with the title "Scenic spots that are really not recommended for foreigners?" He said that foreign tourists will soon be able to travel freely in Taiwan, but the information found abroad is likely to be related to local people. Gap, "If you don't want them to leave a bad impression, what are the attractions that I really don't recommend?"

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After the article was posted, it sparked heated discussions, "Ximending it~", "You should ask for recommendations, there are many not recommended", "Chiang Cheng Memorial Hall, Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall", "Don't go to the online beauty check-in attractions"; , the most people named night market attractions, "Taiwan's Night Market", "Shilin Night Market, Kenting Street", "Shilin Night Market, Liuhe (He) Night Market".

However, many netizens said that there are still many scenic spots worth visiting in Taiwan, which can leave good memories for foreign tourists. In addition, some netizens reminded that foreign tourists to Taiwan must pay special attention to traffic safety, "traffic is terrible, don't drive by yourself."