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The leader of the far-right party "Forza Italia" Silvio Berlusconi

Silvio Berlusconi - Italian politician and entrepreneur, owner of FC Milan.

Born in Milan at 29, a member of the right-wing coalition, managed to win a seat in the Italian Senate in yesterday's elections, the world agencies reported, quoted by BTA.

Berlusconi, 85, was elected from Monza, in central Italy.

There he is the owner of the local football team.

Nine years ago, Berlusconi was convicted of fiscal fraud, and part of his punishment was that he could not stand for election for a while.

His sentence expired in 2018. In the winter of this year, he tried to run for the post of president of the republic, but his attempt failed.

The party that won Italy's election promised to work with Mario Draghi's government to pass the budget

Now the victory for Berlusconi is double.

His fiancee - 32-year-old Marta Fashina, was re-elected as a deputy in the lower parliamentary chamber - the Chamber of Deputies.

However, Berlusconi's party managed to win only about 8 percent of the election.

But since it is part of the coalition of the right, in which the engine is the "Italian Brothers" of Giorgia Meloni, which received about 26 percent, Berlusconi's party has a chance to enter the government of the country.

For Berlusconi, this is the ninth election campaign.

For her, he even opened an account on the social network of young people TikTok and collected 600,000 followers in it.

In one of his videos uploaded there, Berlusconi stated that "he is always number one".

Berlusconi, a four-time Italian prime minister, now promises to defend pro-European positions in Italy's new right-wing government, while his coalition partners Meloni and Matteo Salvini, the leader of the League, are known for their Euroscepticism.

"I will try to be something of a director in the next government," Berlusconi said.

He hopes to play that role even though he is facing another case, this time for witness tampering in a previous case stemming from the rowdy parties at his properties.

Recently, Berlusconi has also had health problems.

He was hospitalized due to Covid in September 2020.

Silvio Berlusconi

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