Russo-Ukrainian War

The root cause of the energy crisis began to spread outside of Europe.

become a conflict between the parties

Three major powers Russia, China and the United States, the clarity that will cause violence, has turned into a global war of economic and security that has been going on for nearly six months

. Russia is still a dictatorship in Ukraine, has lost much of its strength and is being opposed. With the Russians recruiting their citizens to join the war, Russian leader Putin has no way out of betting on the presidency forever.

The last remaining solution is nuclear weapons.

There are frequent rumors of China taking power.

Forever president of Xi Jinping from the old power

From the implementation of the one-China policy of Xi Jinping that has not yet been decisive.

and alliance with Russia

That is not good for China on the world stage, as well as US President Joe Biden, who is dealing with the economic downturn in the country hard, coupled with the US expansionist policies that are so wrong that it makes

The US's power has been greatly undermined.

All of this information leads to an inevitable future war.

Even the price of oil in the world market

will drop below $100 a barrel due to supply demand.

But by the factor of war and when looking at the exchange rate

policy interest rate

An economic recession is likely that eventually.

The price of oil must be released according to real market mechanisms.

The way to survive this time is

Saving and making the most of energy

There is no need to plan anything complicated. Follow PTT's energy-saving model to easily solve the energy crisis.

Adjust the air conditioner temperature at 26 degrees using walking up and down the stairs.

Instead of using the elevator, turn off lights during breaks, turn off computers, turn off unused electrical appliances, maintain equipment to work at full efficiency.

It appears that the PTT building with 26-degree air conditioners in July reduced electricity consumption by 88,364 units, saving 345,000 baht per month or 4,248,000 baht per year, reducing greenhouse gas emissions by about 37 tons of carbon per year. month or 444 tons of carbon per year

Equivalent to absorbing carbon dioxide from 3,917 trees, representing 40 rai of tree planting area.

In addition, climbing one flight of stairs burns 0.066 calories per kilogram of body weight.

Save electricity using elevators 22,000 baht per month or 264,000 baht per year. Reduce carbon emissions of 114 kg carbon per month or 1.4 tons of carbon per year.

Greenhouse gas can be reduced

Equivalent to planting 12 carbon-absorbing trees

And if taking care of electrical appliances regularly, such as cleaning light bulbs at least twice a year, will save 105,520 units per year of electricity, save 420,000 baht per year on electricity bills, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 47 tons of carbon, equivalent to planting a sucking tree. 4,632 sub-carbon trees, representing 47 rai of tree planting area, and if everyone turns to use EVs, it will save up to 20 percent of fuel from an average 50 kilometers per day trip. Let's save before the crisis is over.

Iron fist