Contender for politics to set up a government ... while waiting for the results of the Constitutional Court's interpretation of the term of office

General Prayut Chan-o-cha on 30 September 65

All political roads lead to the electoral field.

to win the hope of returning to political power again

It's not the government, it's the opposition...

Before going into battle, he would think differently.

being a government

State power and position

which is the ultimate desire to be a politician

Most of them think here...but their political dreams are different, those who think they are superior also go one step further.

Prime Minister... Leader of the country's number 1

But it has to go through a process that is a component to get to that point is to be the leader of the government to fight for political polarity.

such as Mr. Anutin Charnvirakul, the leader of the Pride Thai Party

Declare your intentions for everyone to know.

especially various political parties

the meaning is

Must be a leader to form a government, if not, then ask to be the opposition, who wants to be a government side, come and reserve a seat early.

Therefore, it is not surprising that the Bhumjaithai Party will show itself at the same time.

with visiting areas in various provinces with the desire to win elections, lifting the provinces

Which province wins, lift the province, take the "Minister" chair.

That would be an incentive for non-exclusive party members.

but means must

as many MPs as possible

even without speaking directly

But the meaning is no different from Puea Thailand who can announce land slides and want.

At least 250 MPs

Let's just say that these two parties have the same goal.

won elections and was the mainstay in forming a government, only allowing any political party to join

"Pride Thai" with this election field is different from the last election.

There is no respect for anyone, any political party.

the important thing is

Confident and confident that the status of the party is at the word "head of the row" and not "tail of the row" anymore.

clearly is

The wading in the southern region until the Democrats expressed their dissatisfaction.

Wade to the Northeast and fight with Pheu Thai in every area, every field.

Of course, as of today, I have to admit that we are ready in terms of people, ammunition, policies and contributions that are not inferior to other political parties.

It would be enough to see that after the election there was a new political pole that would usurp political leadership to appear.

not just for Thai

only democratic power

It depends on whether the politics in the real field is that the Thai Pride will be able to upgrade from a medium-sized party to a large party or not?

This is just a prelude!

General Prayut Chan-o-cha, if he survived the 8-year battle, he would have met another real competitor.

"lightning rod"