In the painted rice fields on the north side of Beitou Elementary School in Caotun Town, the pattern of panda bears carrying a pole can be clearly seen.

(Provided by Caotun Beitou Elementary School)

[Reporter Chen Fengli / Nantou Report] In the 10th year of Beitou Elementary School, Caotun Town, Nantou County, the paddy field was painted, using Panda Superman carrying a pole as the creative pattern. The rice was planted in early August this year, and the two different varieties of seedlings grew up. This week, it was clearly visible The cute Panda Superman is carrying a pole with rice characters on the left and a cross on the right, representing Beitou Elementary School's ten years of promoting food and agriculture education.

Beitou Elementary School said that before the rice harvesting at the end of November, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the painted rice fields, especially when the sun shines diagonally at dusk, the painted rice fields are sprinkled with golden yellow, and the scenery is the most beautiful.