In response to the 30% victory in the support of the opponent, New Taipei Mayor Hou Youyi of the Kuomintang, Lin Jialong (pictured), a candidate for the New Taipei mayoral election of the DPP, emphasized that he will continue to win the support of voters.

(Photo by reporter Wei Jinyun)

[Reporter Wei Jinjun/New Taipei Report] According to a poll released by this newspaper today, the Kuomintang New Taipei Mayor Hou Youyi, who is seeking re-election, has 30% more support than DPP New Taipei mayoral candidate Lin Jialong.

Lin Jialong said in an interview this morning that he would refer to various households, but would not be affected by the polls, and stressed that he would work hard to win the support of more voters.

Lin Jialong went to the Sea Dragon King Squid Soup in Xizhi District, New Taipei City this morning for a charity sale, and was interviewed by the media.

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In the interview, Lin Jialong pointed out that it has been more than two months since entering the election campaign, "we continue to work hard to win the approval of voters", which shows that the team's morale is very high, and the more we fight, the more courageous we are.

Lin Jialong said that he will refer to various polls as a reference, but he will not be affected by the polls. The most important thing is that he can also feel the enthusiasm of supporters at the grassroots level, and the situation is getting better and better.

Lin Jialong mentioned that eight years ago in New Taipei City, the President of the Legislative Council, You Xikun, challenged the then Mayor of New Taipei City, Zhu Lilun, and the polls also showed a similar phenomenon.

Lin Jialong said that the current election campaign is very developed because of information dissemination, and everyone will only pay attention to it in the last one or two months. Because he invested a lot of time, it can be said that the campaign time is very short, the constituency is very large, and the opponents are very strong. "This is to be expected", but the team has continued to expand its supporters and feel enthusiasm, and will work hard to win more voter support.

As for the voters who voted for DPP candidate Su Zhenchang last time, this time only 60% supported Lin Jialong, and nearly 20% voted for Hou Youyi. Lin Jialong said frankly that it depends on how the poll numbers are interpreted. Quite the strength, because the familiarity of voters is relatively low, but with the gradual progress of the election campaign, increasing the popularity and increasing familiarity, there is indeed a lot of room for this part.

In this regard, Lin Jialong also confirmed that the current election strategy will first strive for the return of green camp voters, and with several major events, you can also see that the green camp support is increasing.