Taipei City Police Chief Yang Yuanming presided over a forum on blocking fraud.

(Reported by reporter Wang Guanren)

[Reporter Wang Guanren/Taipei Report] Fraud syndicates are abhorrent, and the police have been actively cracking down on fraud crimes for many years.

In addition to setting up the "Taipei Anti-Fraud Team", the Taipei City Government has also actively discussed cooperation with third-party companies from all walks of life to strengthen the breadth of anti-fraud publicity through public-private cooperation.

The Taipei City Police announced today that from January to August this year, they successfully blocked 480 million yuan in fraud through the financial institution's care questions. Taipei City Police Chief Yang Yuanming also held a forum to prevent fraud with financial institutions to strengthen the cooperation between financial institutions and the police to prevent fraud.

According to the statistics of the Taipei City Police Bureau, from January to August this year, financial institutions asked questions and blocked a total of 749 cases of fraud, and the amount of successful fraud prevention reached more than 489.18 million yuan. Playing a role is crucial.

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On the 23rd of this month, the Taipei Police Department also invited various financial institutions to jointly hold a symposium on assistance in preventing fraud.

In the meeting, in addition to analyzing the recent fraudulent crimes and the signs of deceived people, they provided them to various financial institutions, and invited three members of China Trust Bank, Commonwealth Commercial Bank and Yongfeng Commercial Bank, who have achieved outstanding results in fraud prevention, to share the prevention and control. Fraud success experience.

The police said that financial institutions have improved the staff's ability to care and ask questions, and the police have built a sound and complete notification and joint defense mechanism, which has once again strengthened the ability of financial institution staff to identify the defrauded people at the first time, and notify the police immediately, which can effectively prevent people from being defrauded.

The police emphasized that since the "Defraud Taipei Team" was formed at the end of June, it will continue to increase its cooperation with non-government agencies in the future. In addition to the current stage with Taipei Fubon Bank and Cathay United Bank to promote fraud prevention materials, and inventory 38 financial institutions in North City use their online media and other marketing channels to strengthen anti-fraud publicity, improve the public's ability to recognize fraud, and prevent the public from being deceived.

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The North City Police and a number of financial institutions held a forum to prevent fraud.

(Reported by reporter Wang Guanren)