The investigation into the death of Ukrainian cameraman

Halyna Hutchins

 on the set of the film "Rust" continues.


Alec Baldwin

faces criminal charges for murdering a girl. 

According to TMZ, District Attorney Mary Carmack-Oltwis filed an emergency request last week asking the New Mexico Board of Finance for additional funds to help pursue four possible criminal cases that may arise from the investigation into Hutchins' death.

The amount requested by the prosecutor's office for the case is $635,000.

And although the prosecutor's office has not yet made official statements regarding the names, the Carmack-Oltwis office assured that Baldwin remains the main suspect. 

Prosecutors are now reviewing all media reports related to Hutchins' death and conducting a detailed review of the use of weapons on the set. 

It will be recalled that earlier the FBI assured that the murder of Galina Hutchins

was not an accident

, as Balvin emphasized. 

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