Lin Cantian always fired up the questioning, ridiculing Rao Qingling for his incompetence and incompetence.

(Reported by reporter Chen Xianyi)

[Reporter Chen Xianyi/Taitung Report] Taitung County Councilor Lin Cantian asked the county chief executive officer at the 8th regular meeting of the county council today. Incompetent to govern, I am ashamed of the more than 80,000 votes given by Taitung people. We must listen to the demands of Taitung people. If we are re-elected, we must be closer to the people. Advice, I appreciate everything you said."

Lin Cantian was always on fire, emphasizing that regardless of the battle between blue and green, he was just speaking for the people of Taitung. As soon as he got on the podium, Rao Qingling had to take off his mask and confront him with the most sincere heart. Rao refused to take off the whole process.

"Taitung Blue (male) is equal to Taitung Difficulty." Lin Cantian asked Rao to choose the most satisfactory political achievement in his four years in office. Rao replied to the Culture and Health Station and was immediately shot.

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Lin Santian said that the cultural health station is the government's policy, and the county government is responsible for it. It is hard to say that it is the best political achievement. This year, the "Taitung Blue" promoted by Rao may become "the life of Taitung men is difficult." When traffic in Taitung is inconvenient, , Men in Taitung have to work hard for the sake of their families.

Although Taitung Blue has a call for the development of tourism, there are fundamental difficulties in transportation and medical care in Taitung, but Rao can't say his political achievements that can make Taitung people feel happy and proud. He deceives Taitung people with vague packaging, and also makes Taitung folks waste time. 4 years.

Lin Cantian said that Taitung has three major problems, including the Jedier development case, the beautiful bay development case, and the incinerator. The three cases caused social disturbance in Taitung. Arbitration claims, why did you not oppose the arbitration to continue to strive for the greatest welfare in Taitung?

Among them, the buildings in the beautiful bay may be illegally constructed. The incinerator activation case makes the nearby residents very worried about air pollution. Once the incinerator is activated in the future, I am afraid there is no way to stop it. Only by making the people aware of the measures can they reassure the people.

Rao Qingling said, thank the members for their guidance in the parliament today. Facing the challenges of the past, present and future, they will accept them positively, and will continue to promote sensible governance for the people of Taitung.

Due to sound financial management, the county government has had a surplus of revenue and expenditure for 7 consecutive years, reaching the lowest debt in 17 years, and the per capita debt has decreased by 35%. Social welfare and medical and health care in the country, such as the country's highest maternity subsidy, free confinement confinement, the country's first public and private care costs consistent, the country's largest number of excellent Wenjian stations, the country's first 5G telemedicine and improved Taitung's rescue capabilities, etc. Wait.

Lin Shentian asked sharply about politics, lamenting that Taitung is a forgotten "city of sadness".

(Reported by reporter Chen Xianyi)