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"The driver who caused the serious accident on the ring road in Sofia on the night of Sunday was under the influence of drugs and alcohol. This is what the blood samples of 39-year-old Dimitar Ljubenov show. On the spot, the driver refused to be tested with a drager, so they were taken from him blood samples. Basically, cocaine, which is also the most expensive drug, is broken down by the body in a few hours. This means that 39-year-old Dimitar Lubenov took the drug shortly before the accident." 

These details were revealed at a briefing by the spokesperson of the Prosecutor General, Siika Mileva.

After the horror of the Ring Road: Cocaine and 1.7 percent alcohol in the driver's blood

"1.73 per cent blood alcohol and the presence of cocaine. The driver allowed himself to drive his car in this condition. This is very unfortunate and once again we are witnessing these arbitrariness. Unfortunately we are a leading country in these serious crimes and accidents. Additional inspections should be carried out in order to improve the quality of the investigation on the recommendation of the Attorney General. For example, a second inspection of the accident site, the road surface, etc. Only through cooperation can we deal with this problem." Mileva also said.

"Colleagues from the Sofia City Prosecutor's Office are carefully and diligently investigating the case, and soon there will be results as to whether the incident was caused intentionally. According to the pre-trial proceedings, the speed at which Lyubenov was moving is also being investigated," she added.

At the moment, witnesses are being questioned and it is being established what Lyubenov was doing before the accident.

Mileva stated that she was not aware that large amounts of money or narcotics were found in the car, but said that this was an occasion to make an additional inspection of the car.

At the moment, no police umbrella has been established, she answered a question.