Mobilized Russian men, most of whom have no military experience, will be sent

to war

against Ukraine after minimal training. 

This is stated in the daily overview of the Ministry of Defense of Great Britain.

"The lack of military instructors and the haste with which Russia began mobilization means that many servicemen will go to the front lines with minimal relevant training," the report says.

It is also noted that a high level of personnel reduction is expected among new recruits.

The first groups of mobilized men began to arrive at military bases.

Several tens of thousands of subpoenas have already been issued.

Now Russia will face administrative and logistical problems related to the training of the troops.

According to intelligence, unlike most Western armies, the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation conduct initial training of soldiers at the grassroots level within the framework of operational units, and not in specialized educational institutions.

As a general rule, one battalion of each Russian brigade remains in garrison if the other two are deployed and can provide instructor personnel to train recruits or resupply.

However, Russia transferred many of these third battalions to Ukraine.

Many of the new servicemen had no military experience for several years.

It will be recalled that, according to a Western analyst,

defeat at the front may force Putin to use nuclear weapons against Ukraine.

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