After the news that it will be canceled many times

But it turned out to be just a rumor, but this time, an important person came out to confirm himself, namely Gen. Supot Malaniyom, secretary-general of the National Security Council.

And the director of the key center of the Center for Covid-19 Situation Administration (CDC) confirmed that it would be cancelled.

The Emergency Decree

It will be canceled from October 1 onwards, including the dissolution of the Prof., and use the Communicable Disease Act instead.

The Minister of Health is the chairman.

presided over by the provincial governor

and has the power to declare an epidemic situation. The Emergency Decree has been promulgated nationwide since the beginning of 2020 and has been renewed almost 20 times.

There has been criticism that the government and government officials have used the Emergency Decree to control it.

political rally

Or use it to silence dissenters rather than use it to solve the covid problem.

There were 1,467 people arrested for violating the Royal Decree, 647 cases, including 241 youth under the age of 18, according to Amnesty International.

International and Group 24 June

The Emergency Decree becomes law.

Popular with government and government officials

because it gives the authorities a wide range of powers

can disperse the assembly immediately.

Violators may face up to two years in prison and also protect government officials.

no civil liability

criminal and disciplinary

Officers therefore refused to use

Direct Assembly Act

If the authority uses the Royal Decree to control political gatherings

may be considered a deprivation of liberty of the people

According to many sections of the constitution, such as freedom of peaceful assembly

and without weapons

freedom of speech


which is the fundamental right of a democratic society

Developed countries are strictly prohibited from doing so.

Many scholars agree with the cancellation of the Emergency Decree, indicating that Thailand has returned to normal.

both in politics

covid epidemic

create investor confidence

and political tourists

make the world community believe

Thailand still adheres to the right to freedom.

and democracy

The world community will have more confidence in Thailand.

when traveling to attend the OPEC Summit

in november

while the host is in normal condition

It's not always under emergency situations.

Thai politicians will campaign for elections under a free atmosphere.

Even if the iron rule must be followed, it may be more than 200 days before the election.