In Moscow, security forces broke into the home of three activists who opposed the mobilization — Artem Kamardin, Oleksandr Popov, and Oleksandr Menukov.

"Nova gazeta. Europe" writes about it.

The lawyer was not allowed into the apartment under the pretext that "an operational search operation is being conducted there."

After the arrest, security forces beat and raped Artem Kamardin.

According to the publication, Kamardina was "pushed into the anus of a dumbbell."

After that, he was forced to apologize on camera for the words "Glory to Kyivan Rus, Novorossia — c*sy."

The boy is still with the police.

A video with an "apology" of all three detainees appeared on social networks.

The day before, Kamardin took part in the "Mayakovsky readings", which took place in Moscow and were declared "anti-mobilization".

We will remind that in Russia, a mobilized man shot a military commissar.

He ordered everyone present to leave the hall, and then opened fire.

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