In the Polish city of Syanik, near the Polish-Ukraine border, a protest against the reception of Ukrainian refugees was announced.

However, not a single person came to the event.

This is reported by Notes from Poland.

In recent weeks, activists of the nationalist right-wing Confederation (Konfederacja) have been promoting the slogan "Stop the Ukrainization of Poland."

The party, which has long opposed mass immigration from Ukraine, now claims that Ukrainian refugees supposedly receive benefits that Poles do not have.

Karolina Pikula, an activist of the nationalist party "Confederation", organized a protest against the "Ukrainization of Poland" in the 37,000-strong town of Syanik in the south-east of Poland, close to the Lviv region.

However, no one showed up during the event, which Pikula broadcast live on YouTube.

The only interest was from a man who came to argue with her.

The far right organized an anti-Ukrainian protest in the town of Sanok and precisely zero people turned up.

For years Polish nationalists have tried to stir up hatred towards Poland's large Ukrainian migrant (and now refugee) community.

But they have consistently failed

— Daniel Tilles (@danieltilles1) September 25, 2022

A similar event in Warsaw, at which two nationalist deputies spoke, gathered only a small number of people.

A group of counter-protesters gathered near them, holding placards "Down with fascism", "Brown - to Moscow (one of the leaders of the Confederation Grzegorz Brown. - Ed)" and "Poland - home for all".

We will remind that Poland completely banned the entry of citizens of the Russian Federation.

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