The publication "Novaya gazeta" writes about it.


On September 25,


spoke at "Mayakovsky readings" - an event where poets read their poems near the monument to Vladimir Mayakovsky in the center of Moscow.

The organizers of the readings declared them "anti-mobilization".

Komardin was detained in the afternoon of September 26 in the apartment together with

Alexander Popova


Alexander Menukov


The police did not let the lawyer there, referring to the fact that an "inspection of the premises" was being conducted.

Popova and Kamardin were taken out of the apartment in handcuffs, Menukov - without handcuffs.

All activists were taken to the Investigative Department in the Tver district of Moscow.

According to the publication, the security forces "beat Kamardin very hard and shoved a dumbbell into his anus."

They recorded Artyom's rape on video and showed it to Alexandra Popova.

Camardin is still in the police.

Popova said that the security forces mocked her as well.

"I have a lot of superglue on me, because the security forces stuck superglue stickers on my face, tried to tape my mouth shut, pulled out my hair, pushed me, threatened to rape me five times," she said.

It is not known what criminal case the operative measures were carried out and how it is related to the activists living in the apartment.

The "112" Telegram channel featured a video with "apologies" from the detainees.

The report also mentions 21-year-old

Yehor Shtouba

and 26-year-old

Mikalai Deineka


It is not known where the apologies of Stouba and Deineka were taken.