The office of KMT Keelung mayor candidate Xie Guoliang showed the official documents signed by lawyers and accountants when he borrowed money that year.

(The picture is provided by Xie Guoliang's office)

[Reporter Yu Zhaofu / Keelung Report] The DPP Legislative Yuan's group accused yesterday that the investigation and investigation of the case of Lin Guanbai, chairman of Dexin Securities, found that more than 100 million yuan eventually flowed to the Jinxing International Company of the Kuomintang mayor candidate Xie Guoliang, Lin Guanbai. Although it is claimed to be a loan relationship, but the capital of Venus is only 7 million yuan, why can there be 3.2 million US dollars to lend to Lin Guanbai?

Questioning Xie fears that it involves five crimes: receiving criminal proceeds, company law, huge tax evasion, money laundering prevention law, and forgery of documents.

Xie Guoliang said yesterday that the three DPP legislators made a mistake, and Jinxing did not lend $3.2 million at all. After he released the evidence, he hoped to get an official apology from the DPP group.

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Xie Guoliang said that at that time, Venus only lent NT$3 million, and the other two companies borrowed together. One of the companies had a capital of US$7 million, so there was no problem with the loan. He also showed the loan and signed the documents, hoping After the DPP Legislative Yuan understood the mistake, it was able to apologize to him.

Xie Guoliang's office also submitted a document yesterday, which was signed under the witness of lawyers and accountants when borrowing money that year. It contained the remittance amounts of three companies, but except for Jinxing Company, the names of the other two companies were blacked out.

Cai adapts: Why did not clarify when the procuratorate announced in August

The DPP Keelung mayoral candidate Cai adapts to question. The prosecutor announced the matter in August. At that time, Xie Guoliang only wrote about the loan of Jinxing Company on Facebook. Before the DPP Legislative Yuan held a press conference yesterday, no one knew about it. Two other companies will pop up.

Why didn't Xie come out to clarify at that time?

Why not correct the content of Facebook immediately, and wait until the DPP holds a press conference to announce the doubts, and then specifically speak out?

Cai adapts to express that Xie Guoliang wrote on his face very generously in August, and said that he was willing to explain clearly and welcome questions from all walks of life.

Cai said that Xie Guoliang should make it clear, why didn't it directly explain in August that there were three companies borrowing together?