The police cracked Li suspected of defrauding the water house and arrested 36 people.

(Photo by reporter Yao Yuehong)

[Reporter Yao Yuehong/Taipei Report] The fraudulent group Shuifang purchased financial accounts externally. In order to prevent the police from locking them into warning accounts, they specially produced fake virtual currency transaction certificates for these people, claiming that as long as the police checked the door, they could show that they could avoid responsibility. The prosecution determined that it was a virtual currency transaction and did not prosecute the suspect. The Criminal Police Department arrested 36 people including the 34-year-old Shuifang Li, the main suspect, and found that the group had defrauded hundreds of people, and the inflow and outflow of at least 100 million yuan. , The suspect of organizing the crime was transferred to the New Taipei District Prosecutor's Office for investigation, and the court ruled to detain Li Xian and other three people.

According to the police investigation, the members of the fraud group turned into beautiful women on Facebook to attract the public’s attention, and offered their LINE IDs as friends to chat privately. After gaining the victim’s trust, they referred financial experts to defraud the victim to send money. One of them retired from Nantou. A 70-year-old man was defrauded of 20 million yuan.

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The Criminal Bureau investigated and found that the members of the fraudulent group recruited members at high prices to acquire financial accounts. When the police agency accepted the report and notified the financial institution that the account involved was listed as a warning, the members of the fraudulent group asked the person who sold the account to prepare transaction details, which was based on false information. Virtual currency transaction records, and also provide guidelines for making and fighting, guiding records and principles of answering questions. When the police arrives, they insist that the cash flow of the accounts involved are all virtual currency transactions, and prompt the transaction records. There have been successful cases of non-prosecution. .

The police task force chased up the water room. In late August, they went to Hsinchu and Kaohsiung to carry out several waves of arrests and searches. They seized the relevant conversation records in the mobile phone. They first arrested 22 members of the water room including Li Xian, and then arrested 14 head accounts. The initial admission was obtained at a cost of 10,000 yuan per account. The police found that the group had at least laundered more than 100 million yuan in money within a year. The Criminal Bureau has collected relevant information for several days and today announced the seizure of this criminal group.

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Simulate virtual currency transaction records.

(Photo by reporter Yao Yuehong)

The police provide an illustration of the money laundering pipeline.

(Photo by reporter Yao Yuehong)