Experts talked about five things that can be dangerous for your health after 50 years.

  • The habit of not paying attention to bone health, which can lead to injuries.

    With age, the human body begins to absorb less calcium, and in women, in addition, the ability to absorb dairy products decreases. Therefore, according to nutritionist Jason Ewoldt, it is better to use orange juice, enriched with calcium, leafy greens instead of such products.

    A healthy plant-based diet without meat will also help to provide enough protein, if you make a smart choice.

  • Rejection of social connections. Do not neglect relationships.

    According to doctors, maintaining healthy relationships with other people is the key to healthy aging.

    "Make sure you have healthy relationships with your loved ones, your spouse, your children, your friends," which really has a positive effect on any illness you may have, recommends Dr. Kyle Bradford Jones, a family physician at the University of Utah.

  • Neglecting good sleep.

    Sophie Seward and Josian Broussard of the Columbine Health Systems Center for Healthy Aging at CSU believe that "Sleep is essential for optimal memory, learning, cognition and mental health."

    But scientists associate a lack of sleep with an increased risk of depression, dementia and Alzheimer's disease, a decline in cognitive functions and car accidents.

  • Lead a sedentary lifestyle.

    It is important not only not to forget about physical activity, but also to eat the right foods, drink a lot of water, and avoid unhealthy food and drinks.

    This will help prevent cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer's disease, depression, and more.

    "You'll feel a lot better, and you'll be happier," says Dr. Jones.

  • Do not care about the health of the brain.

    Getting the right amount of vitamin B-12 is critical for brain function after age 50.

    The best sources of vitamin B-12 are eggs, milk, lean meats, fish, and fortified foods such as grains and cereals.

    "Vegans, in particular, will need to choose more fortified foods, but even older adults who eat whole foods may have difficulty absorbing enough vitamin B-12."

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