The police came to the scene to reveal that Wu Nu, who turned into a housekeeper, was a driver of a fraud group.

(Reported by reporter Wang Guanren)

From July to August, the 6th led a huge sum of money to successfully defraud tens of millions

[Reporter Wang Guanren/Taipei Report] An 88-year-old man surnamed Miao in Taipei City was targeted by a fraudulent group. In July and August this year, he went to the bank to remit money and withdraw huge sums of money, but he was successfully defrauded by the bank staff and the police. More than ten million yuan, but he was still "obsessed", and the fraud group did not give up, and instead sent a female driver surnamed Wu to face-to-face to defraud Miao Weng of three million 280 thousand yuan.

Wu Nv also turned into a housekeeper. On the 13th of this month, she went to the bank with Miao Weng to withdraw a huge sum of 2 million yuan. Miao Weng used to go to collect the money alone. The staff felt suspicious and reported to the police. Wu Nv was arrested on the spot.

Miao Weng later found out that the "investment expert" did not read it and could not read it, so he believed that he had been fooled.

The police pointed out that the fraud group has repeatedly defrauded Miu by investing in virtual currency and other tricks. Fortunately, the operator notified the police and successfully prevented the fraud.

The fraud group found that it could not deceive Miao by remittance, and instead resorted to face-to-face deception, and lied to Miao that it would send a "third-party payment provider" to collect money from him for investing in stocks and virtual currencies.

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Fraud group changed face to pay cheating money female driver succeeded 3.28 million

On the 2nd and 6th of this month, the 50-year-old female driver surnamed Wu was instructed to go to Miao’s residence near Roosevelt Road in Taipei City to meet her face-to-face, and took away a total of 3.28 million yuan. Wu Nu accompanied Miao and went to the Daan branch of China Trust Bank to collect 2 million yuan.

The clerk found that Miao used to receive the money alone, but this time someone accompanied him to ask. Wu Nv claimed to be Miao’s housekeeper. The clerk thought there was something wrong and reported to the police. The paper couldn't contain the fire, so he told the truth.

The police said that the old man surnamed Miao had been targeted by fraud groups many times before. The police had already asked the surrounding financial institutions to notify the police if they encountered the old man who came to remit money. The group cheated money by face-to-face.

In addition to handing over Wu Nuyi on suspicion of fraud, the police are also investigating the fraud group behind the scenes.