In the Volyn region, surgeons removed 81 gallstones from a 79-year-old female patient.

This was reported by experts at the Volyn regional hospital.

"The largest of the stones was almost 4 cm long," the hospital added.

During the examination, in addition to stones, a hernia of the esophageal opening of the diaphragm was discovered in the woman, said surgeon Mykola Galei.

An elderly woman turned to doctors when she felt discomfort, aching pain and round-the-clock heartburn.

She had known about the stone in the gall bladder for a year, but she decided not to go to the doctors right away.

"I saw a 40-millimeter stone, I got scared and decided to have an operation," says Ms. Halyna.

The surgeons performed two operations at the same time: they removed the gall bladder with 81 stones and operated on the discovered hernia.

At the same time, the operation was performed laparoscopically in 3D mode.

This is a new direction for the Volyn Regional Hospital.

We will remind you that in Lviv, Ukrainian doctors together with British colleagues

 saved a patient from amputation by 

transplanting a 15 cm tissue "flap" from his thigh to his lower leg.

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