Dajia Zhenlan Palace Jin Mazu caused controversy because the prosecution certified it as gold clad copper.

(Excerpted from Ke Jianhua's Facebook)

[Reporter Ou Sumei/Taichung Report] Jin Mazu of Dajia Zhenlan Palace was certified by the prosecutor as gold-clad copper, which caused controversy. Yi Jinlong, a former representative of Dajia Zhenlan Palace believers, appeared on the "New Taiwan Come on" political program today, questioning the prosecutor Because the case has passed the prosecution period, they acted cheaply, and asked the prosecution to restart the investigation, and criticized the Zhenlan Palace board of directors and supervisors for still not acting under the noise of the outside world. Respect judicial findings of prevarication.

Legislator Wang Dingyu also said in the program that Zhenlan Palace previously said that Jin Mazu was made of pure gold, but now it is made of copper embryos, because Jin Mazu was made of gold medals donated by believers, and the temple should have something to say to believers.

How much gold does Jin Mazu contain?

What is the additional production cost?

Also make it clear.

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Yi Jinlong said, how much did Ke Jianhua get paid to make Jin Mazu?

Zhenlan Palace should take out the contract to clear the doubts. In 1994, Jin Mazu began to be displayed to the public. Yan Qingbiao said at that time that Jin Mazu was "stubborn", which means it was solid. In a recent interview with reporters, he also said that it was pure gold, but prosecutors said it was pure gold. The investigation was gold-clad copper. Now there are scientific instruments to detect the ratio of gold. The temple should announce it to everyone, but the temple has now chosen Shenyin.

Yi Jinlong said, whether Jin Mazu was involved in Yan Qingbiao's fraud and other criminal prosecutions have expired, but the civil service has only started now, and the board of directors will be replaced one day. , the supervisor is not in custody, and now I know that if I don’t do it, it is a cover up. The competent authority, the city government, only expresses its respect for the results of the judicial investigation and requires the mayor, Lu Xiuyan, to order an investigation. , as long as the investigation is conducted on the Zhenlan Palace in question.

Yi Jinlong also approved that the prosecutor in charge acted cheaply because the prosecution period for the case was over, and did not carry out the gold weight test. I would like to close the case with the relevant witness records and ask the prosecutor to restart the investigation; Zhang Shaoyu, a researcher at the Cross-Strait Policy Association, said that Zhenlan Palace If you question the random allegations from the outside world, you should file a lawsuit to clarify; the famous Wang Ruide also said that the failure to prosecute is not because there is no evidence, but after the 10-year prosecution period, Yan Qingbiao should hold a press conference and produce relevant documents to clarify whether Jin Mazu is a bag Copper is still pure gold.