Shen Huihong (2nd from right), candidate for mayor of Hsinchu from the Democratic Progressive Party, was interviewed by Zhou Yukou's "News Firecrackers" program.

(Provided by Shen Huihong Jingjing)

[Reporter Cai Zhangsheng / Bamboo City Report] Shen Huihong, a candidate for the mayor of Hsinchu from the Democratic Progressive Party, was asked by the media about the information collected by the Legislative Yuan’s Cultural Affairs and Information Policy Committee.

Shen Huihong responded, "Public opinion organs and legislatures have the responsibility to supervise the executive organs." Gao Hongan used a certain amount of public funds during his tenure at the Information Policy Council. She also called on Gao Hongan again to show relevant evidence to make it clear, "solve the problem." It is more important for the people to be suspicious, not to have a war of words.”

DPP legislator Ke Jianming posted a long post on Facebook last night explaining the ins and outs of the birth of the Information Policy Council and the powers of legislators.

Shen Huihong said that even if a non-governmental organization applies for government funding, every expenditure must be written off with a receipt, which is a principle known to ordinary people.

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Shen Huihong said that all the documents and write-offs that use government fees should be checked and supervised. Gao Hongan should show relevant evidence to make it clear, and things will be clear. There is no need to say that this is a war of words. It is more important to be clear, to explain clearly, and to solve everyone’s doubts.”

When asked by the media, there were netizens who left messages on the live broadcast of the program, and supporting Shen Huihong in operation means supporting Zhou Yukou. Shen Huihong responded, "If you support the right people and the right things, you will be sent to the expedition, then I think this society has no correct value."

Zhou Yukou also expressed her affirmation and support for Shen Huihong.

She said that when the People's Party's net army shouted to support Shen Huihong, it was to support Zhou Yukou, "This is a very just and bright thing in Taiwan! This kind of invalid expedition is called blessing!" She also praised Shen Huihong as a very good mayoral candidate. She is serious and kind. , Even if he was betrayed by Huang Shanshan, he has not uttered any malicious words to this day, "This kind of person is better than Zhou Yukou, of course, we must support Shen Huihong!"