[Central News Agency] Co-aircraft continued to interfere with Taiwan, not only posing a threat to the region, but also affecting the flight information region including Taipei.

Lin Junliang, deputy director of the Civil Aviation Administration of the Ministry of Transportation, and Zeng Houren, the representative to Canada, said that now is the time for Taiwan to join the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

ICAO will hold its annual meeting tomorrow, but Taiwan was again not invited to attend this year.

The Taiwan delegation led by Lin Junliang held an international press conference in Montreal, Canada today, calling for Taiwan's determination to participate in international organizations.

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Lin Junliang said that Taiwan is the only competent authority of the Taipei Flight Information Region. As of 2019, it has managed more than 72 million passengers. Taiwan Airlines also has an excellent ranking in the world. Taoyuan Airport was in the pre-COVID-19 (Coronavirus 2019) epidemic. The performance is also obvious to all, ICAO should be included in Taiwan.

He also pointed out that the Taipei FIR is one of the more than 300 FIRs in the world and plays an important role in East Asia, with frequent regional flights.

Lin Junliang mentioned that recently, China's unilateral military exercise in the Taipei FIR has not only threatened the Taipei FIR, but also affected the surrounding FIR. The ICAO annual meeting will be held tomorrow, Especially this year's theme is to reconnect the world after the epidemic recovers, and ICAO should reconsider Taiwan.

Taiwan is willing to share its experience with the world and make contributions to make efforts for global flight safety.

Zeng Houren emphasized that some countries believe that Taiwan's desire to participate in the ICAO is a political issue, but the recent development of the situation in the Taiwan Strait clearly shows that the safety of international civil aviation transcends politics and is closely related to the safety of all international passengers.

He pointed out that the U.S. House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi visited Taiwan in early August, and the CCP's military exercises were derived from it, which greatly affected the security of Taipei's flight information region. It has an impact on the aviation safety of Taiwan and surrounding countries. This is a major event and should be discussed at the ICAO Assembly.

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