Election Commission of Thailand Election Commission of Thailand "Chon Nan" calls for "Uncle Pom" examination to go to the area under the campaign

Unfolding the picture that the candidates. Congressman. Slon face. Plus give away gifts-sprinkle-promise to give.

complete fault elements

use public tax for political gain

Got the Theo Roi Et Land slide "Prasert", saying that people want to change the leader to "Chuan", urge the Election Commission to clear the rules.

MPs panicked that they had to pull out the wreaths, "seek" dances to organize provincial Election Commission trainings across the country.

Adhering to the same practice, "Sia Noo" went to Phuket, announcing the sweeping of the Andaman coast.

The Civil Service Commission has rebranded, changed its name to "Chat Phatthanakla", "Noona", opened the way to adjust the army, the police chief was not worried about the fateful day for 8 years, "Big Tu", the civil court dismissed the lawsuit.

Royal Decree dispersing the mob "Talu Fa", crying through the world

KMUTNB opens national embassy to join APEC discussions

Society is watching the Election Commission's iron rule to be enforced equally.

And is it fair to all political parties and politicians?

After the opposition began to criticize that the field visit of Gen. Prawit Wongsuwan, Acting Prime Minister.

and leader of the Pracharat Party

There is a covert campaign

political gain

The Election Commission asked the Election Commission to examine "Uncle Pom" to visit the area.

At 10:00 a.m. on September 26 at the Pheu Thai Party, Dr. Chonnan Srikaew, the leader of the Pheu Thai Party

Addressing the visit to Phetchabun province by Gen. Prawit Wongsuwan, Deputy Prime Minister

Acting for the Prime Minister

Palang Pracharat Party leader

that making a welcome sign

General Prawit presided over the ceremony to hold the Buddha image.

There is a picture that MP candidates in all 6 districts of the NPP should be noticed that it is a hidden campaign or not.

This was foreseeable intent.

If it was said that Phetchabun people welcomed no one, or would take the current MPs to join the reception, no one said.

because it is a duty

Importantly, such labels are still oversized.

including giving away items or making promises

All of them are against the electoral law.

The image of the sprinkle

but eating is giving

This picture is clear

Phetchabun Provincial Election Commission and responsible persons

must be performed because it appears in front of

Don't wait for someone to sing

Otherwise, you will be charged with neglect of duty.

Using tax on people to steal chickens to campaign

Dr Chonnan said

The administration will go to help people.

Agree not wrong

especially when people's brothers and sisters are suffering from disasters, but should not let the MPs or

MPs to take part in handing out things

You can only block others.

It is the use of the tax of the people's brothers and sisters to steal chickens for political gain.

Now enters the period that the law defines as an election campaign period.

and the Election Commissioner (EC) has issued regulations prohibiting

as if there was a royal decree to hold elections

The Pheu Thai Party itself did not promote or reduce its activities.

But we must be careful about reporting campaign expenses that are limited to no more than 1.5 million baht per MP candidate.

Beware of the people's rise to power

Pheu Thai party leader Chaiwut Thanakmanusorn, Minister of Digital Economy and Society (DES), who threatened that elections may not be held if heavy rallies are held, said:

It's a gossip.

don't pay attention

Many scholars consider that Mr. Chaiwut

is the deputy leader of the main party forming the government

To come out and say something like this would have meaning.

It was a signal that there would be no elections.

If there is no actual election under any circumstances

It is a violation of the sovereignty of the Thai people.

Not respecting the rights of the people's voices

I would like to leave it to the authority these days, unlike before I could use any power.

The true sovereignty of the people will never be the same.

At one point, if you really can't stand it

The owner of his power will come to claim his rights and take back his power.

Got Too Roi Et Land Slide

Dr. Cholanan also thanked the election results for the president of the Provincial Administrative Organization (PAO) Roi Et that the election results were clear that Mr. Seksit Wainiyompong, a candidate of the Pheu Thai Party

Received the trust of the Roi Et brothers and sisters overwhelmingly, more than 3 hundred thousand votes, more than 50 percent of the voters.

regarded as a landslide

I can proudly say that for Thailand Slide

The results of the election reflect that the past 8 years have been a crisis.

is suffering

Even though it was an election for the president of Roi Et Province, it was a way out of the crisis.

Like the presidential election

Kalasin Provincial Administration Organization

We look at ourselves as a sign that the party must work harder in every dimension.

to meet the needs of the people

The signal that occurs indicates that it must land slide.

If brothers want to get out of the crisis

Pheu Thai has to ask for consensus from the people.

Must score more than 50 percent if not land slide

We cannot escape or choose our own government.

Point out people who want to change the leader fully.

Mr. Prasert Chantaruangthong, Pheu Thai Party secretary, said that the details of the election campaign guidelines

to the applicant

The MPs received the initial acknowledgment. On October 5, the party will organize a training course on candidate candidates.

MPs provide knowledge on the 180-day time frame and record the cost of elections

As for the field visit, it continues as usual.

and must not contravene the rules of the Election Commission of the Roi Et Provincial Election Commission, if since the election of the Bangkok governor

pointed out that the people no longer adopt a dictatorship

It's a good sign for Phuea Thai that people want to see political change.

manifested through elections

And Thai society has an expectation that it wants a new leader because 8 years ago it has proven that leaders come from dictatorships.

from the regime of succession

can't solve the problem

Today the people have lost patience with this leader.

The word land slide refers to the sound of future changes.

"Seksit" points left behind, no dust

The reporter reported the results of vote counting for the president of Roi Et province, totaling 20 districts, found that Mr. Seksit Wai Niyompong No. 2, a candidate from the Pheu Thai party, came in first place with 301,187 votes, followed by Ms. Chureeporn Sinthuprai, number 4 came. Ranked 2nd, got 126,649 points, Mrs. Ratchanee Polsue, number 1, came in 3rd place, got 116,027 points, Ms. Yotka Koturaphan, number 3 came in 4th place, got 5,306 points, which the election of the president of Roi Et Province instead of Mr. Ekaphaphon Phon Sue, former president of Roi Et Provincial PAO, who received a red card and was deprived of political rights for 10 years, this time, there were 1,042,552 voters who exercised their rights, 576,017 people, equivalent to 55.25 percent, good cards 549,169, or 95.34 percent, invalid cards, 14,588 ideas. is 2.53%, the card does not select any applicant, 12,260 or 2.13%

"Chuan" urges the Election Commission to clear the rules

At the National Assembly, Mr. Chuan Leekpai, the Speaker of the House of Representatives, said that the Election Commission's 180-day campaign prohibition rules and regulations have been carefully prevented from breaking the law.

All parties are warned not to do anything against the law.

can be a victim of complaints

The Democratic Party also warned that while the Election Commission is still unclear on some issues, the provincial Election Commission and the central Election Commission may disagree, so all MPs are cautious.

When asked if he was worried about having to go to the area all the time, Chuan replied that he wasn't worried because he didn't go to the polls.

but to visit the people as usual

in the event of flooding

MPs can speak on behalf of the people.

But be careful of giving things and making promises.

have to wait for order

The Election Commission made it clear

What can't be done? For example, a funeral has to remove the wreath.

And be careful of putting in envelopes to make merit, so the Election Commission should review it because MPs have questions on this matter.

Ask the public to understand the following

MPs may not make merit

Frightened by the iron rule, the villagers do not understand

Mr. Anan Phol-Amnuai, Chairman of the House of Representatives Affairs Committee

Referring to the invitation of Mr. Sawang Boonmee, Secretary-General of the Election Commission, to give information that

The committee would like to know information about the 180-day campaign rules and what conditions must be met by members of the House of Representatives, MP candidates and the committee.

both the dissolution of the parliament

If the government is on full term

or during the election royal decree

What can't be done

or how to do

Including the labeling that is having problems with

as well as the rules and regulations that follow the tradition or not

The Election Commission must clarify

when the conclusion

The Committee on Council Affairs will issue a circular notifying

All 35 committees have been informed that they will be able to comply with the same.

Especially during this period of Kathin.

Is there a merit making according to tradition and ordination ceremony, wedding ceremony, can I do it? I'm afraid that the villagers don't understand because Thailand is a Buddhist city.

Must explain to the public that what has been done is illegal.

"Sawaeng" dances to organize training for the Provincial Election Commission

Reporters reported that Mr. Sawang Boonmee, secretary-general of the Office of the Election Commission (EC), convened a meeting of provincial Election Commissioners across the country via zoom system on September 27 to further clarify.

Provincial Election Commission across the country

Acknowledge the guidelines as the Election Commission issued rules on campaigning methods and prohibited characteristics in the election of MPs to be the same guidelines.

Both the labeling

Attending traditions, funerals, etc., what can be done or not.

who still have questions about the practice between the Central Election Commission and the Provincial Election Commission

There will also be discussions about the resonance of politicians and MPs who criticized that.

Election Commission of each province

gave an explanation that was not in line with the Central Election Commission.

"Xie Nu" sweeps the Andaman

In Phuket, Mr. Anutin Charnvirakul, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Public Health

Pride Thai Party Leader

gave an interview about the political atmosphere before entering the election that

Pride Thai Party sends candidates

MPs in Phuket have posted in all 3 districts. Must be someone who knows the problem and how to fix it. Importantly, dare to act, dare to decide, dare to take responsibility.

Work not sluggishly

This is the time when workers have to show their skills.

And the goal of Thai pride from now on is to make Andaman provinces such as Phuket, Phang Nga, Satun, Ranong, Krabi to nearby provinces have more income from tourism.

Install turbo engine Thai economy

The people of the Pride Thai Party, we have already chosen to do it.

Solve stomach problems quickly.

"Sudarat" launches Phuket applicants

At Kathu Shrine, Kathu District, Phuket Province, Khunying Sudarat Keyuraphan, leader of the Thai Sang Thai Party (TAT), Mr. Suphan Mongkolsuthi, deputy party leader and TAT Party economic team leader, attended the shrine of Kathu.

The origin of the Vegetarian Festival in Phuket

and co-chaired the raising ceremony of the Koteng pole

Then announced the launch of Mrs. Maneerat.


As a candidate for the Phuket MPs, District 2, Mrs. Maneerat said

thank you madam

Sudarat who gave the opportunity to serve the people of Phuket

Phuket-Andaman Policy, Special Economic Zones for Tourism of Thailand, Build Thailand

Answer the question of creating an economy for Phuket and the Andaman provinces that are precise and sustainable.

Therefore, he decided to join the Thai Sang Thai Party in order to push,

create jobs, generate income and improve the quality of life of the Phuket people.

Change the look of "Chat Phatthana Kla"

at the Lam Plai Mat meeting room

Kantary Hotel

Mueang Nakhon Ratchasima

Chart Pattana Party held an Extraordinary General Meeting No. 1/2022, with key executives attending the meeting, including Mr. Suwat Liptapanlop, party chairman, party leader Tewan Liptapanlop, party secretary Watcharapol Tomorasak,

including Mr. Korn Chatikawanich, former leader of the Kla Party.

and Mr Korpsak Phavasu, former chairman of the strategy and policy of the Kla Party;

All have resigned from the Dare Party.

to become a member of the National Pattana Party

However, the meeting resolved to change the name of the Chart Pattana Party.

went to be the name of the Chart Phatthanakan Party

Ready to adjust the new party administration structure, with Mr. Tewan Liptapanlop as the leader of the Chart Pattanakala Party, and Mr. Korn Chatikavanij as the party's executive committee.

Mr. Gorpsak Phavasu is the chairman of the Economic Strategy Committee.

"Noona" unravels the tap to adjust the army

At the Chart Thai Pattana Party (CDC), Mr. Nikorn Chamnong, a member of the list of MPs, the party director, announced that the 2nd Annual General Meeting of the Committee was held to restructure and change the party's executives. Miss Kanchana Silpa-archa, the party leader, signed a resignation from the party leader on Sept. 20.

As a result, the executive committee of the party vacated office for the whole committee.

New elections must be made within 60 days, including the party's nomination committee.

4 members of the party's executive committee had to vacate office.

Both the nomination committee who is the leader of the party's 4 branches and the provincial party representative also resigned. Therefore, on Monday, October 3, the party will hold its 2nd Annual General Meeting at the Miracle Grand Convent Hotel. Bangkok to do so.

considered a change

big transformation

prepare for election

Convinced the Constitutional Court to expedite the problem of 2 km.

Mr. Nikorn mentioned the announcement of the Election Commission (EC) regarding campaigning methods and prohibited characteristics in the election of MPs (No. 3) in 2022 during the 180 days before the election date.

Even with such announcements, if the draft bill on election of MPs and the draft law on political parties


The Election Commission has to change the rules again.

And must admit that the government has an advantage because the prime minister, vice-premier and ministers still have to continue to work

time to speak as

The government is difficult to separate

be careful

I believe that from now on, they will pursue lawsuits in this matter.

We need training seminars.

because the law is very complicated

It's good to have to wait for the electoral law to come out first.

everything will change

I think the Constitutional Court knows this.

would have to consider

The commander-in-chief of the police is not worried about the fateful day of "Big Tu"

At the Royal Thai Police (Sq.m.), Pol. Gen. Suwat Chaengyodsuk, the police chief, discussed measures to maintain peace and order in the case of the Constitutional Court's appointment to read the ruling.

General Prayut Chan-o-cha's 8-year term as prime minister on September 30 that, as far as I know, the protesters have already announced their meeting appointments.

nothing special

The police maintain order like every rally.

Shouldn't be a problem

There were no issues of concern, while Gen. Prawit Wongsuwan, Deputy Prime Minister and acting for the Prime Minister.

Commitment to public service

maintain order in accordance with the authority of the police

and then reinforce the matter of consideration

If it is necessary to issue any new rules in accordance with

The new Police Act allows the Police to expedite action.

The court dismissed the lawsuit against the mob dissolution decree

At the Civil Court, the court made an appointment to read the judgment.

The case filed by activists, Thammasat University students and 7 Chulalongkorn University students are plaintiffs.

General Prayut Chan-o-cha, Prime Minister and Minister of Defense, General Prawit Wongsuwan, Deputy Prime Minister, Pol. Gen. Suwat Chaengyodsuk, Commander-in-Chief of the Office of the Prime Minister, Royal Thai Police. (Sq.) and the Ministry of Finance are the 1-6 defendants, respectively, declaring a serious emergency situation in the Bangkok area.

Between 15-22 Oct. 63 unlawful.

not enough cause

Allowing government officials to use their powers to disperse rallies

Announcing the closure of places and public transport systems

Arrest the public, the media and medical personnel

including prohibiting the media from presenting news

and asked the court to revoke the emergency declaration

Compensation for damages to the 7 plaintiffs, each 5 hundred thousand baht, a total of 3.5 million baht, with Ms. Sukreeya Wannayuwat, a student of the Faculty of Education, Chulalongkorn University, along with a lawyer to hear the verdict.

The Civil Court has issued a judgment dismissing the lawsuit.

Ms. Sukriya said

The court held that all actions were in accordance with the jurisdiction.

and duty to maintain the security of the state

The dissolution of the protest during 14-16 October 2020 was not more than a reasonable cause.

It is an area of ​​important people.

need security

"Thaw the sky" came out strong and cried through the world.

At 10:00 a.m., under the Ploenchit BTS station, Talufa group led by Ms. Teerapimol Sereerangsan, wife of Mr. Pornchai Yuanyee or Sam, the leader of Talu Fah, were detained in prison on charges of jointly burning them under Section 112. image of royal portrait

On the overpass at Nang Loeng intersection

and Mr. Thanaphat Kapheng or Pun Thafah, the accused in the same case.

The bail was wearing an EMI tracker bracelet.

Organize an event to submit a letter through the world V.2, bring a pickup truck, amplifier, a sign saying Free our friends and a face of the group's faces through the sky and through gas that are still held in prisons moving to submit an open letter to the embassy of Vietnam, the United States, Japan, Australia. Mexico and Singapore as member countries attending the APEC Economic Area Leadership Summit this month

Nov. to know that

Twenty-two people calling for politics and equality were unjustly detained.

Did not bail out to fight the case

but did not inform in advance

Must submit a letter to the agent or the security guard.