The star of the series "My Beloved Strashko", "The House of Bobrynsky" and the winner of "Dancing with the Stars"

Artur Logai

was with his family in Kyiv at the beginning of the full-scale war.

The celebrity volunteered and tried to help somehow.

However, when the situation became more and more dangerous, the actor took his family to the west of Ukraine.

When Artur and his wife settled down, they persuaded Evgenia's mother to come to them from Kharkiv.

They also took with them a friend with a small child who lived near Chernihiv.

Arthur Logai with his wife / Photo:

"Zhenya persuaded her mother to leave near Kharkiv. We persuaded her, we took her. She came to us. Then they took our friend from near Chernihiv. She is with a baby and a small one," Artur told the ZhVL program.

Meanwhile, the actor's grandmother and father were under occupation.

Arthur's relatives did not want to evacuate from their house, which is located in the Zaporizhzhia region.

In general, the father, who helped people leave for the territory controlled by Ukraine, nevertheless came to his son.

Logaya's grandmother is currently under occupation, but she also agreed to the evacuation.

"Only my grandmother stayed there, she didn't want (ed. – to leave). But now she seems to want to leave. At first, my father took people there himself. He took them out so that they could later get out to our territory. Later he left himself," - noted Arthur.

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