A good option to save money is

to move to the suburbs of Kyiv


The most popular satellite cities are

 Irpin, Bucha, 

Brovary and Boryspil


All of them have good transport links with the capital, developed infrastructure.


found out how much it costs to rent an apartment in the suburbs of Kyiv, how to get there and where you can relax.

It is worth noting that Irpin and Bucha were temporarily occupied by Russia and suffered a lot during the hostilities in the Kyiv region.

However, cities have returned to life, residents are actively repairing damaged housing, shops and public transport have resumed operation. 

Irpin, Bucha, Brovary and Boryspol on the map


The city of Irpin is the largest in the Buchan district of Kyiv region.

The distance

between it and the center of Kyiv is

25.6 km

(7 km from the city limits).

You can get to Irpen

by your own transport

from the metro station "Akademmistechko"

along the Novoirpinsky highway

(17 minutes), the Kyiv-Zhytomyr highway (27 minutes) or the Kyiv-Kovel highway (31 minutes). 

Photo: Volodymyr Karpliu/ Pokrovsky Park in Irpen


to Irpin run

from the "Akademmistechko" metro station

approximately every 30 minutes. 

The cheapest way to

get to Irpen is to take an

electric train

at the Sviatoshin metro station.

The modernized suburban train runs from Kyiv from 5:20 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Travel time is 21-28 minutes. 

A train running to Irpin and Bucha / Photo: Ukrzaliznytsia

Irpin is located on the river of the same name.

The city has

many parks, squares and green areas


Several shopping centers

have been built here

, there are many shops, grocery supermarkets.

There are enough schools and kindergartens.

Photo: in-build.com.ua/ Residential complex "Ostrovskyi" in Irpen

The cost

of renting an apartment in Irpen

on popular real estate search sites starts

from UAH 4,000


A one-room apartment with a fresh renovation and all necessary furniture and appliances can be rented for

5.5-8 thousand hryvnias


A two-room apartment will cost

from 7 thousand hryvnias

per month.

There are many

housing options on the Internet 


Most of the ads are posted by realtors.

The commission for their work is currently 50% of the rental price.

Photo: uk.nid.com.ua/ Residential complex "Central" in Irpen

Screenshot / Photo: OLX

Photo: dom.ria.com


Bucha is located

just outside Irpen in the forest zone


The distance between them is several kilometers (

30 km from the center of Kyiv


The city is much smaller and more compact than Irpin, but it is in no way inferior to it.

There are many new buildings from economy to premium class, a shopping and entertainment center, a large park with a lake, McDonald's. 

Photo: Oleksandr Medvedev/ Residential complex "Grand Bourget" in Buch

You can get to Buchi by your

own transport

from Kyiv using the same routes as to Irpen.

However, the journey will take

10-15 minutes



to Buchi also run every 30 minutes.

You can get there

from the "Akademmistechko" station

Photo from open sources/ McDonald's in Buch

Despite the fact that Bucha is smaller than Irpin, the

railway station "Bucha" is located here, as well as two bus stops: "Sklozavodska" and "Lisova Bucha"



from Sviatoshin metro station run from 5:20 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Travel time is 31-37 minutes. 

Screenshot from the video, residential complex "Bucha Kvartal"

You can rent an apartment in Buch

cheaper than in Irpen, but there is a

greater demand

here .


are rented out in a day or two

, often from the first viewing.

You can find a one-room apartment with furniture, appliances and recent repairs even for

4.5 thousand hryvnias


However, most of such apartments are rented for

5.5-7 thousand hryvnias


A two-room apartment will cost

from 6.5 thousand hryvnias

per month.

You can rent cheaper, but there are few such offers.

Photo: uatravel.info/ Park in Bucha

Photo: OLX

Photo: dom.ria.com


Brovary is a large city that

borders Kyiv, but on the opposite side


Very close to it are the capital

Troeshchyna, Voskresenka and Lisovy massiv


The city has everything for a comfortable life.

There are several shopping and entertainment centers, parks, green areas, and an aqua park.

Photo from open sources/ Residential complex "Forest quarter" in Brovary

Minibuses are the most popular in



They run

from the "Darnytsia" bus station

, the nearest metro stations to it are "Chernigivska" and "Lisova". 

Photo: brovary.net.ua/ Brovary

The Darnytsia - Nizhyn

railway line

also passes through the city .

Within the boundaries of Brovary, the station

"Brovary" and the stop "Knyazhychi"

are located on it .

The journey from "Kyiv Pasajyrskyi" railway station to "Brovary" station takes 31-60 minutes.

Photo: https://trc-terminal.com.ua/ Water park in Brovary

You can get to the city by your

own transport

through Brovarskiy Prospekt

in Kyiv.

The distance between the center of the capital and Brovary is

24.7 km



is like a sleeping district of Kyiv

with old and new buildings. 

Renting a one-room apartment

in Brovary costs

from UAH 4,000 

per month.

You can rent a two-room apartment for at least

5.5 thousand hryvnias


Housing with recent repairs will cost approximately 9 thousand hryvnias.

Photo: ermakvagus.com/ Brovary

Photo: OLX

Photo: dom.ria.com


Boryspil is

more distant

from Kyiv.

The distance between the city and the center of the capital is

69.4 km.

The city is, in fact, the

eastern gate of Kyiv

, routes from Kharkiv, Poltava, Kremenchuk, etc. pass through it.

Therefore, a large number of cars pass through Boryspil every day.

Photo: i-visti.com/ Boryspil

There are several shopping centers, shops, restaurants, and

one park


Local residents mostly

go to Kyiv to

relax and have fun .

Photo: ua.igotoworld.com/ Park in Boryspil

The city is dominated by old buildings, but it

attracts cheap housing prices


You can rent a one-room apartment here

from 3 thousand hryvnias per month

, many offers for

5-6 thousand hryvnias


There are many offers for renting

private houses

near Boryspil on real estate search sites.

Prices start at 10,000 hryvnias.

Photo: OLX

Photo: OLX

Photo: dom.ria.com

You can get to Boryspil from Kyiv by your

own transport

via the Boryspil highway.


to Boryspil run from

Kharkivska metro station


You can also get there by



Photo: wikipedia.org/ Lake in Boryspil

Let's summarize that the cities of Irpin and Bucha

are the most popular for living in the suburbs of Kyiv


They are located in a forest area, from where it is convenient and quick to reach the capital both by own transport and by public transport.

In Irpen and Bucha, you can cheaply rent housing in a new building.


is an attractive city for life, bordering Kyiv.

It is similar to a sleeping area of ​​the capital with cheaper housing and a more relaxed rhythm of life.

You can save even more in



However, this city is the most distant from Kyiv, there is only one park and few options for entertainment and recreation.

We will remind you that after the Russian invasion, about 26,000 objects were destroyed in the Kyiv region, namely: about 4,700 private houses were completely destroyed, and 161 high-rise buildings.

The authorities of the Kyiv region are currently calculating the losses, but according to preliminary data,

it is definitely tens of billions of dollars

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