If asked, what is the "suffering" of people around the world, including our Thai people at this moment?

I believe that

Everyone will answer the same way.

that...we are suffering

and worried a lot about 2 things together

The first is suffering.

The “economic side” that is currently in recession to some recession in some countries.

as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak two years ago.

would remember that the closure of the country

Various travel and trade suspensions

Has caused a recession in many countries.

Our country has been slumped to a reasonable extent.

Later in many countries, the problem of "inflation" is very high.

especially rich countries like the US and Europe.

causing the need to raise the standard interest in a row

It is expected that there will be an economic recession, more or less, which means that there will be people losing their jobs...lower income...many products cannot be sold, etc.

The issue of economic recession is the first issue that people all over the world talk about and care about.

including in our country as well

As for the second suffering, which, in my opinion, is more distressing and worried than the first one...is the concern that the "Russia-Ukraine War" will escalate.

Heard the news that Russia will mobilize 300,000 new troops to prepare for the defense of the country.

I was feeling overwhelmed.

Because I'm not sure what the scope of President Putin's "defense" is?

And how?

If Russia's mobilization of 3 hundred thousand

means to enter again

It means that the war will surely escalate.

President Putin also said that in this wave of self-defense,

If necessary, nuclear weapons may also be used.

After reading the news, I was startled and worried in advance. I couldn't eat and couldn't sleep for several days.

Despite the recent news that many able-bodied men are afraid of being drafted into the military.

Many parades travel to the border after fleeing.

At the same time, there were widespread protests in many cities.

But Russian authorities have already arrested hundreds of fugitives and protesters.

Demonstrates the seriousness of the new recruits.

Turning to the US side... I found that President Biden was stubborn. Don't tell anyone... I watched live as he gave his speech at the United Nations as improvised without even watching the script.

insists on protecting Ukraine in all its forms

I felt more uncomfortable.

He spoke with a serious expression on his face.

and with a very fierce and harsh voice inside

Seeing these pictures, it became my second suffering, and it seemed even more serious than the first one.

It reminded me that we are currently in the vegetarian festival.

And before vegetarianism, we often pray for blessings from sacred things and Bodhisattvas that Thai and Chinese people respect.

I have learned that I am not vegetarian with him.

But he always likes to pray for blessings from the holy things.

Prayer time for every festival

including secretly praying yesterday

After reading the above news

By imploring all the sacred things to be inspired by both Putin and Biden, be calm, use your mind, use your wisdom and think carefully.

before making any decisions

I believe that this decision will cause a great disaster for the lives of people and nations.

It depends on just two people: US President Joe Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

therefore prayed for blessings from the holy things to help inspire these two great people, use "consciousness" to use "wisdom" to think carefully

Use your patience to the utmost.

before deciding on one or the other

Most importantly, if we can stop fighting, we will be most grateful to the two of you ... the world will not have to sit and fear whether there will be nuclear weapons or not.

I can tell you honestly that while writing the manuscript today, I still feel nervous.

Mr Putin.