In order to export fruit products to China in accordance with the announcement of the National Bureau of Agricultural Commodity and Food Standards (TIS) regarding the code for using and showing the certification mark for agricultural products.

that has been in effect

The Department of Agriculture will adjust the GAP orchard code for fruit exports to China.

to be as

NESDB issued the announcement within the specified time frame.

Keep up with the submission of garden lists.

The fruit will be exported to China next round.

scheduled in early December 2022.

This is to support the new fruit export season, both durian and longan, which will start in February next year.

For new plots that have applied for GAP conversion certification and old plots that have applied for renewal of GAP, the Department of Agriculture has changed the code to a new format.

Old plots where GAP has not expired

Farmers can contact

OSMEP in the area near the house

to apply for a change to a new code format

From now until 30 November 2022

and on the occasion of adjusting the new garden code

Department of Agriculture has given a policy to the Division of Plant Product Standards Development and Certification.

To put the QR code in the new GAP conversion certificate to prevent tampering.

In addition, Mr. Rapeepat Chandrasriwong, Director-General of the Department of Agriculture

has also ordered all checkpoints to strictly inspect the export of durian.

If an officer is found to have acted incorrectly

"Consider punishing according to government regulations" immediately

In the case of any private sector who has a history

Have found the preparation to send durian inferior quality, check 100% both the origin and the destination

before leaving the country.