Eight local residents of Hsinchu County requested to stop the implementation of the "Daxiang Containers" expansion plan, and the Beigaohang Bank has even decided to approve it today.

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[Reporter Wen Yude/Taipei Report] Eight people including Lin Yanshuo, a resident of Hsinchu, were dissatisfied with the Hsinchu County Government's agreement to expand the "Great Containers" plan, and petitioned to stop the implementation. Reply, Beigaohang has now "still" approved the petition, and can protest.

This case stemmed from the expansion plan formulated by “Daxiang Containers” and submitted an environmental impact statement to the Hsinchu County Government. The Hsinchu County Government passed a resolution on July 20, 2020 and announced the review conclusion, but 8 local residents, including Lin Yanshuo, refused to accept it and filed a petition stop execution

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On January 28 this year, Beigaohang approved the application, stating that 8 Lin Yanshuo were local residents and were qualified as the parties, and the 10th Environmental Impact Assessment Review Committee on July 20 of the previous year did not plan for the environmental impact of the Daxiang container expansion plan. The instructions include assessment of drainage, water pollution, air pollution and other information, data correctness, reliability, and integrity to verify and respond.

And even though Daxiang Container Co., Ltd. has made some supplements and explanations based on the opinions of the review committee members, it has not seen the evidence that the committee members have agreed after reading it. In addition, because there is no substantive collegial review again, the review committee has passed the report and the review conclusion. flaw.

Beigaohang also pointed out that it agreed to the original sanction of Daxiang Container's expansion of the factory, but did not conduct an evaluation in accordance with the provisions of Article 32 of the EIA Operation Guidelines and the provisions of the "Environmental Impact Prediction and Evaluation Method" in the "Drainage" column of environmental factors in the same guidelines.

In addition, Daxiang Containers promised that it is impossible to achieve zero discharge of waste and sewage, but the EIA has passed. In addition, it is impossible to achieve the full use of natural gas in the T6 process before December 31, 2026, or to update the T3 and T2 processes in 2026 and 2031. It is a natural gas kiln. Therefore, if agreeing to the expansion plan of Daxiang Container Company, it is actually contrary to the principle of the rule of law and the principle of administration according to law. The petition of 8 people including Lin Yanshuo is approved.

The case was rejected and returned by the Supreme Administrative Court, and Beigaohang further pointed out that considering the basic human rights of Lin Yanshuo and others, and once the safety of the living environment is damaged, it may be difficult to recover, and stopping the expansion plan of "Daxiang Container" will not If it has a significant impact on the public welfare, the application is still approved.