The Judging Committee of the DPP Yilan County Party Department held a meeting tonight and fired Shen Demao (pictured), the head of Wujie Township, and other 7 candidates for violating discipline.

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[Reporter You Mingjin/Yilan Report] The five-in-one election at the end of the year is approaching. The DPP Yilan County Party Office Jury will hold a meeting tonight and expelled 7 candidates for violating discipline including Shen Demao, the head of Wujie Township; Jian Songshu, the convener of the Jury, said, Seven people including Shen Demao were not nominated by the party, and they violated discipline to participate in elections for township chiefs and county councillors and other public office elections.

According to statistics from the Yilan County Party Department of the DPP, the fourth category of public officials nominated 10 township mayors, and another one violated discipline to run for election; county councillors nominated 16 people, and another seven violated discipline to run for election.

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The candidates for violation of discipline are Shen Demao, the mayor of Wujie Township, who is running for re-election; Lin Congchi, Jiang Xinxian, candidate for Sanxing Township, Shen Xinxiong, candidate for Wujie Township, and Zhang Zhishan, candidate for Dongshan Township.

Chen Hanze quit the party in December last year and ran for election on behalf of the Fundamental Progressive Party. At that time, the party had not announced the election registration method. He had quit the party on his own, and the party department was not included in the delisting penalty.

Although Jian Yingjun quit the party voluntarily, he lost in the party's primary election and quit the party to run for election without party membership. The situation is different from that of Chen Hanze.

The other 6 did not register for the nomination in the party's primary election. Yang Shunmu participated in the election on behalf of the Zhengshenming Party. The other 5 participated in the election without party membership.

Jian Songshu said that the DPP must strictly maintain party discipline and party spirit, and punish those who violate the discipline, otherwise it will be unfair to the nominated comrades, and it will also cause confusion and value confusion among supporters.

Among them, Shen Demao is more special. He wants to win the re-election of Wujie Township Head, but he did not participate in the registration of the primary election in the party, and the coordination of recruitment was also broken. The selection of candidates seems to be polite to Shen Demao, which is intriguing.