The Thai stock index on 26 Sept. 65 closed at 1,621.25 points, minus 10.46 points, with a trading value of 71,260.06 million baht, foreign net sales of 1,918.96 million baht.

Highest trading value PTTEP closes 166 baht minus 4.50 baht, ADVANC closes 198.50 baht plus 5.50 baht, BANPU closes 12.80 baht minus 0.60 baht, AOT closes 73.25 baht minus 0.50 baht, PTT closes 37 baht, unchanged.

Thai stocks fell in the same direction as foreign stock markets.

Due to concerns about the US economy, the risk of entering a recession and the depreciation of the baht still pressures fund flow out.

TISCO Securities released an analysis

Identify the currency in the Asian turbulent region.

Hit new weakest level in years

including the lowest value of the baht, 37.88 baht per US dollar.

Worried about the global economic recession, the US Federal Reserve (FED) has accelerated to be more strict in implementing monetary measures.

Increase the interest rate differential between the US.

with other countries to expand

and support the US dollar to continue to strengthen

Even though the baht depreciated quickly

It is also in line with regional currencies.

TISCO continues to view that

The Bank of Thailand will raise the policy rate at a normal rate of +25 bps to 1% at its meeting on September 28, with the possibility of a higher-than-expected rate hike at 1.25 % at the end of this year and 2.00% at the end of next year. There is a possibility in the future. We must keep an eye on the BOT's next year's headline inflation projection to be higher than the target of 3%, continuing from this year. or not

from the present

The Bank of Thailand is expected to be at 2.5%, including if there is a split vote from the committee.

which supports the interest rate increase more than the normal rate

Recommend investment strategies, choose to invest in 3 themes of strong stocks against market volatility as follows: stocks benefiting from opening the country BDMS (basic target 35 baht), BEM (10.1 baht) and stocks that benefit from rising interest rates. Recommended BBL (173 baht), TLI (18.3 baht) and stock dividends, recommend KKP (78 baht), MC (12.8 baht), LH (10.5 baht)

Index 51