Russia can use this human resource to plant in the trenches or use it in linear attacks against the Armed Forces. 

Defense Express editor-in-chief Oleh Katkov said this on the air of the telethon

"Now, according to those sources who are mobilized in the Russian Federation, in the best case, they

go through a course of a young fighter, which lasts 14 days.

If they work according to the Soviet system, then this training is as follows: they are given 15 cartridges, a grenade and they dig one trench. everything was coming to an end. This mass of personnel will most likely be sent to the front, where those units that still belong to the regular army of the Russian Federation

will recruit reinforcements

from it," Katkov explained. 

The editor-in-chief of Defense Express noted that Russia will use the mobilized to deter the offensive of the Armed Forces or for linear attacks. 

"How they will use it, we have already seen it. These are the so-called "mobs" from the "L/DNR". Because a person who marched through the formation for 14 days is not familiar with conducting military affairs. And that's why our fighters are now passing a full-fledged 3-month course abroad, where training takes place according to different standards.

And in Russia - training for 14 days, some of which they will be sober

. How the Russian Federation will use this, there are two scenarios. The first is to

put them in the trenches

and force them

to hold some line of defense. And in this case, they can be more or less useful. The other is

when they will be used in linear attacks on the positions of the Armed Forces

. You should not think that losses in the Russian Federation can provoke any protests," Katkov said. 

It will be recalled that the Armed Forces damaged three control points and three ammunition warehouses of the occupiers. 

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