"The summons was brought around midnight to show up at the military office in the morning"

Russians and their relatives share their stories of "partial mobilization" in the regional media "UKontakte".

People write about how summonses were brought around midnight so that a person would appear at the military office in the morning, how they took away a man who did not serve and has a disabled son to support.

Many users of the blogs treat the mobilization with disdain, write hundreds of identical comments: "God bless you!"

Those mobilized from Zlynka and Navazybkov were sent to Klintsi.

From there, disturbing news reached the relatives.

As users of "UKontakte" write, the "partially mobilized" were fed only once a day, they lack mattresses, sleep on the floor, "their things are brazenly stolen."

Relatives of those mobilized claim that they themselves bought the necessary things for their loved ones.

But it turned out that the command took away what was bought, because, they say, it is extra, and "they will get everything."

Volunteers of Navazybkov announced a collection to help the mobilized.

"We will take everything tomorrow to our fighters.

A few cars from Navazybkovo, Starodub and Bransk will join.

Berets were bought with the money sent by subscribers.

Residents of Navazybkov also prepared home-made stew for the soldiers, collected food, blankets, mattresses," the volunteers reported with pictures.

They are looking for rubber boots for the mobilized.

"Give us rubber boots one size larger (a warm insole that comes with the boots, and so that you can put on a few more socks), thermal underwear is also needed," - such notices are "scattered" around Navazybkov.

Other volunteers reported that help for the mobilized people was collected in the monastery.

"I will share with my friends the icons that were given in the monastery.

God willing, they will be protected," the volunteers write.

Later, the public wrote that the FSB and military intelligence are conducting an investigation into the fact that personal equipment was taken from those mobilized from the Bransk region.

They promise to return it.

"It is necessary to understand that there is a great mobilization for the first time since the Great Patriotic War.

There will be a lot of mess and mistakes," the residents of Navazybkov write.

"We will pay 100,000 rubles to those mobilized at once"

The governor of the Belgorod region ,

Vyacheslav Gladkov

, personally visited the mobilized and promised that they would receive 100,000 rubles each.

This news caused indignation in the people of the Bran region.

"At the same time, the Bran region was not voiced or shown.

Does this mean that there will be no payments of 100,000 to 300,000 in Branshchyna, as in other regions?

Or are there no people here?

Or did the Bran men go to war as a thank you?"

- people are indignant.

They set their governor

Alexander Bahamaz

as an example of leaders of other regions who promise payments.

"The governor of the Belgorod region went to the barracks himself and resolved issues with payments, mistakes within the limits of partial mobilization!

Yes, he just supported the military!

And what is ours?

In Klintsi, the boys sleep on beds without mattresses, and there is zero reaction," residents of the Bransk region are indignant.

"Now there is a reinforcement on the borders of the Bran region.

The situation there is critical.

Logistic chains, provisioning have not yet been set up.

We try to restrain our emotions, because it is clear that everything will not be perfect right away.

The country is getting on the military rails, and it takes time and joint efforts of the whole country to adjust," Russian volunteers write.

"I thought that we have order, as the media tell us, but in fact - the goal is rolling."

There are no uniform sizes, no mattresses, what is there?

Where are you sending the people?

If they will be in the trenches and dugouts, it does not mean that they have to sleep naked!

- writes a resident of Navazybkava.

"Take care of your men, buy them everything they need"

"In Klintsi there is mischief in part.

Relatives were given lists of what to buy for fighters.

There is a list like a sheet.

Everyone runs around the shops, buys everything - whatever is left in stock.

The prices are overpriced - horror.

Thermal socks cost 500 rubles for one pair.

It's terrible what's happening.

They say that there is nothing in the part.

There is nothing to staff the conscripts.

And where is everything?

How and what to fight?

And if there is no money?

Go fight with an ax?

When will order be restored?

It's just a cry from the soul," one of the residents of Navazybkava wrote.

Another writes that she "breaks her soul to read the news."

"I myself work in a shopping center, and psychologically these days it is difficult to look from the side at our boys and men, who in confusion are looking for underpants, socks, insulation.

I am asking all mothers, wives!

Think of your men.

They are our defenders.

Get a hold of yourself, focus.

Do not expect that the army will give them much.

Buy not a backpack, but a large sports bag and put everything you need in there," advises a resident of the Bransk region.

She wishes everyone "good luck, have a good trip, thank you all for being you, guys, may the Guardian Angel protect you."

The newspaper "Branskiy noviti" writes that the farewell to the mobilized was "silent".

"Restraint, silence, women's cries, bags with warm things, hugs and a minimum of words."

"At the moment, official data regarding partial mobilization is not disclosed.

For obvious reasons, the number, fees and locations of the investigation are classified.

The level of salaries of conscripts, as promised, will correspond to the level of salary of contract workers," the publication writes.

Meanwhile, the goodbye was not silent in Unecha, Bransk region.

"In Unechi, those conscripted for partial mobilization were held in a solemn atmosphere.

A brass band played for the boys.

"Just for ants," said the residents of Unecha.

"God protect you, we are eternally grateful to you for the courage to protect us, our children, our country.

Soon we will greet you with victory," the children say," the publication writes.