Kenting's "Sardine Storm" is beautiful.

(Courtesy of Duncan)

[Reporter Cai Zongxian / Pingtung Report] The adjective "crowded like sardines", few people have actually seen this ecological landscape. In the last month, this spectacular "sardine storm" has appeared in the Chuanfanshi waters of Kenting. Taiwan's diving enthusiasts went into the water to take pictures of the wonders, saying, "You don't have to spend 10,000 yuan to go to Cebu, Philippines to see it, we also have it in Taiwan!"

"Have you been to the sardine storm?" is the first word of greeting for diving enthusiasts recently. Because of the shallow water surface and low difficulty, everyone from scuba diving, free diving to snorkeling can go into the water to experience this ecological wonder. However, the explosion of pilgrims also worries diving instructors, and they jointly appeal to go into the water to enjoy the fish while trying not to disturb them by crossing the fish.

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He Xuanqing, a scholar at the Sea Life Museum, preliminarily judged that it is a silverfish with similar ecological habits, not a sardine, but its main characteristic is that it swims in large numbers, foraging and breeding together. This instinctive behavior is their defense system, because it belongs to the ocean. The primary consumers in the ecological chain, outliers are more vulnerable to attack and predation. This spectacular aggregation pattern has been observed in many species of fish, and a barracuda storm was also recorded in the water outlet a few years ago.

He Xuanqing said that every year in the world, in order to dive to watch the sardine storm and whale shark feeding, many people go to the islands of various countries to dive, which brings huge tourism money to the local area. If the sardine storm around Kenting can be maintained every year, Kenting can also become a future. An important diving spot that attracts international divers.

The "Sardine Storm" in Kenting is so beautiful that it attracts many divers to make a pilgrimage.

(Courtesy of Duncan)

The "Sardine Storm" in Kenting is so beautiful that the divers rejoice that "you don't have to go abroad!" (Provided by Hi D Diving)

The "Sardine Storm" in Kenting is so beautiful, the divers are happy to say "You don't have to go abroad!" (Provided by Xu Yuwei)