The headquarters of the so-called Russian people's militia was found in the liberated village of Liptsi.

In the basement of one of the local buildings, rioters forcibly detained civilians.

It was in this village that 7-year-old Maksym from Kharkiv lived for half a year.

The boy's mother took the boy to visit his grandparents, because she had to leave for a few days on business, but then the war broke out, TSN.19.30 reports.

Now Maria and Maksymko do not leave each other.

And on February 23, they had to part for the first time in six and a half years.

"I was going to Lviv.

I get off the train and watch the news, and they say that the war has started," Maria recalls.

At that time, it was through the village of Liptsi, where the woman left her son with her relatives, that the Russians entered Kharkiv Oblast.

Since then, it was possible to leave from there only to Russia.

"I was looking for a detour through third countries, but it didn't work out.

Already at the beginning of May, I decided that I would go through the occupied territories.

I found a carrier, we made an agreement.

And when this carrier was going to the city, they came under heavy fire," the woman says.

During the separation, the son has grown up a lot, says the mother.

At the age of 7, the boy understands that there is a war, and the Russians are invaders.

"He says things that not every adult would say.

For example, even in terms of products - he used to be very picky, now he says: "I will eat whatever you give me, now is not the time to pick and choose, not the time to show off.

What God has given, I will eat," says the child.

On the very first day of the liberation of the village from the occupiers, law enforcement officers took the boy to his mother in Kharkiv, while the grandparents remained in Liptsi.

Currently, communication with them is only through letters.

"When I received the first note, I sat over it until the middle of the night, crying," the grandmother recalls.

During the heavy shelling, the woman says, all the time she thought only of her grandson.

And when shells flew over the house, they calmed each other down by reading fairy tales.

Now Liptsi is slowly recovering from the occupation - humanitarian aid is brought to the people and pensions are starting to be issued.

"I lost ten kilograms of weight, worries, of course.

They ate their fill of the "Russian peace" to the very glands.

They came, caught up, took the car, drove off and didn't say anything," says the boy's grandfather.

"It's just wild that you can sleep peacefully at night and they don't shoot," adds the grandmother.

While the clearing of collaborators continues in the village, you cannot enter or leave there.

However, the road will be opened in a few days, Maksym and his mother will immediately go to visit their grandparents. 

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