A doll machine manufacturer in Nantou County held a giveaway event. The father and daughter misunderstood the rules and took away the prizes they liked.

(Photo by reporter Chen Fengli, provided by the police)

[Reporter Chen Fengli / Nantou Report] There are some industry operators launching activities, which were originally an advertising gimmick to gather customers, but there may be traps hidden in them. If people don't pay attention, they may get a lawsuit; During the event, a father and daughter surnamed Xu did not know the rules of the game, they took the prize and left. The business owner thought it was theft and reported the case to the police. Xu Nan was willing to compensate after the incident, but the business owner demanded to pay 200 times according to the rules for stealing, namely The prize that Xu Nan took away was worth 1,500 yuan, and Xu Nan had to pay 300,000 yuan in compensation. Xu Nan could not accept it.

The businessman insists on suing the father and daughter to be charged with theft

A doll store in Puli Town, Nantou County held a promotional event. There is a machine for dolls to give gifts. There is a notice on the glass of the machine, saying that if a certain number of dolls are clipped, they can be exchanged for corresponding products such as animation above the machine. However, it is stated that the goods must be clipped to the same doll machine on the same day before they can be exchanged. In addition, there is a notice that LINE should be added to send a photo to the operator or contacted by phone to exchange gifts. Please behave."

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On the afternoon of the 10th of this month, Xu Nan, who was in his 40s, took his thirteen-year-old daughter to pick up the doll. When he saw the promotion, he took the doll seriously. The father and daughter found that the number of clips could be exchanged for prizes, so they took it. The chairs are raised, one person chooses a prize, and takes away a box of two dolls and a remote-controlled car. The father and daughter happily carry the spoils out of the store and leave on a motorcycle.

The operator surnamed Liu came to the store later and found that the prizes were lacking. He checked the surveillance video and found that the father and daughter took the prizes but did not contact them, nor did they only take the prizes above the machine as stipulated, so they reported the case to the Puli police, and the police informed them. Father and daughter to the case description.

Xu Nan: I just didn't understand the method of giving the prize, not stealing

Xu Nan told the police that he and his daughter did not know that they could not take away the prizes from different districts, nor did they see that they had to add LINE to upload photos and call the operator, and were willing to compensate the operator for their losses. A total of 1,500 yuan, the behavior of the two people, in line with the theft written on the notice board on the machine, a heavy fine of 200 times the price of the goods, and asked Xu Nan to compensate 300,000 yuan.

Xu Nan thought that he and his daughter had spent a lot of money on dolls, but they didn't understand the reward method set by the operator. It was not theft, and he could not accept the operator's view of stealing and the high compensation amount. After the operator surnamed Liu was rejected, he immediately Insisting on accusing the father and daughter of theft, the police had to send the two to justice with a letter of theft.

It is understood that there are a lot of prizes in the doll machine shop. There are monitors above the prizes, and some are also placed above the machines where no gifts are given. It is easy for customers to be confused. What can be redeemed? What are the prizes.