, the turnout of "voters" is low.

And that's why the members of the occupation election commissions started a repeated apartment-by-apartment and door-to-door visit.

Mayor Ivan Fedorov reported.

"The circus spectacle called "referendum" continues in the occupied territories," the mayor wrote.

According to him, residents of the occupied city are forced to vote for their family members and even neighbors.

"Votes are cast" for those people who evacuated from the occupied city.

"Under the muzzles of machine guns and through threats, the enemy is trying to "paint" at least some semblance of a turnout at the pseudo-referendum. However, the picture does not stick even to enemy propagandists - the residents of the occupied territories have already expressed their attitude to this spectacle," Fedorov emphasized. 

As reported, the occupiers are systematically 

closing the exit for people from TOT to Zaporizhzhia


The Russians made it difficult to leave Crimea, which was annexed by the Russian Federation.

The authorities introduced additional filtering and questionnaires. 

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