Opponent Zhang Shanzheng scolded Zheng Yunpeng "Zheng Wencan 0.2", Zheng Wencan (middle) believes that he won't be a good mayor because he can gain a lot of space with his sour words.

(Photo by reporter Li Rongping)

[Reporter Li Rongping/Taoyuan Report] The Kuomintang Taoyuan mayor candidate Zhang Shanzheng and the party member city councilor candidate Xie Keyang praised the DPP Taoyuan mayor candidate Zheng Yunpeng as "Zheng Wencan 2.0 "Zheng Yunpeng should be "Zheng Wencan 0.2". In this regard, Zheng Wencan participated in the parent-child pet carnival held in Fuxing Park in Zhongli District by Wei Yun, a candidate for the party's city council, and said that Taoyuan has changed during his 8 years in power. The changes in Taoyuan can be seen by the citizens. Last night’s campaign party appealed to Taoyuan citizens to cherish the progress of the past 8 years and vote for the next 8 years. I believe he will be a good mayor, and becoming "Zheng Wencan 2.0" is inevitable.

As the conversation changed, Zheng Wencan also turned against his opponents. If they just want to use rude words to gain page, this election method is quite low. Only rhetoric will not make him a good mayor.

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Zheng Wencan criticized that Zhang Shanzheng has not participated in the progress of Taoyuan in the past 8 years, has no connection with Taoyuan at all, and frankly does not know Taoyuan. Elections must be positive and connected with the city. 2.0 is to surpass, evolve and innovate, and to constantly challenge oneself. This is the Taoyuan spirit, and everyone likes this spirit.

As for Zhang Shanzheng's claim that Zheng Yunpeng's campaign was built up with money, Zheng Wencan also responded that political party competition is the norm in democracy. There are advantages, and Zhang Shanzheng also has his own advantages. If there is only sour words from the beginning to the end, he will not be a good mayor.

Zheng Wencan (middle) participates in the parent-child pet carnival held by Party member city councilor candidate Wei Yun (left) at Fuxing Park in Zhongli District.

(Photo by reporter Li Rongping)