So, in a new parody,

Yuri the Great

trolled the topic of the fact that the odious politician Viktor Medvedchuk was released from Ukrainian captivity and returned to his godfather, Russian President Putin.

The video begins with Medvedchuk, in the role of Veliky, calling his wife Oksana Marchenko and asking her to contact Turkish President Erdogan to influence his return to Ukraine.

"Medvedchuk" is sitting in the basement in a T-shirt with black and white stripes and is waiting for the best man.

When "Putin" comes to him, "Medvedchuk" tells him that he is alive and well, for now.

"Volodenko, everything is not as you think. I didn't say anything to them. I just sat and silently nodded. They made me sing this stupid song "Putin is my best man, lalala", but I didn't sing. Volodenko Volodenkovych, of course it's terrible I was. I was knocking on you so much, oh, I missed you so much. Volodenko, we went through fire, water and diesel pipes with you," says Medvedchuk in the role of Veliky.

The politician says that he can help Putin and be his right hand - it is just as pointless to hang around somewhere as she is.

"Volodenko, what will happen to me? Will I have another special operation? Which one? What will I be cut off?"

- says "Medvedchuk" in the video.

It will be recalled that Ukraine and Russia conducted a large-scale exchange of prisoners.

215 people were released

from Russian captivity

, including 108 Azov soldiers and 10 foreign volunteers.

In response, Ukraine released 55 occupiers and the godfather of Vladimir Putin, Viktor Medvedchuk.

And this despite the fact that initially the Russian side did not want to change Medvedchuk.

Subsequently, the SBU and the State Security Service told

why Russia exchanged Medvedchuk

and how they can use him.

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